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Wondering if someone could explain this to me.

A friend and I have been playing this game together right from the start. Created our chars together, only play it with one another. Same levels, same progress, same missions, etc.

However, a couple times now, something has been weird. Latest example. We are both level 25 and were in the exploitation preserve, the creature slaughter fights.
If I load up my game in single player and go to the shops, the merchandise is level 19-21, no matter how many times I reload. If I invite her, same deal, always. If she loads up her character in SP, the items are level 25, scaled to her. If she invites me, they are still at that level.

We have tried everything we can think of to explain this. No matter what, though, the shops offer me level 19-21 items, and her level 25ish. I've tried changing chars, reloading, inviting or not inviting (letting her join first), joining with her BEFORE starting the game, etc. Same deal. If it's my game, the items are lower level.

Can anyone explain this? We literally have the same game, since we have played it together only. I am very slightly ahead of her in exp, but that's it. Such a small amount, it shouldn't matter anyway.

The shops in Sanctuary did this before, where they were offering her class mods and stuff long before me. Any ideas why, or how to 'fix' this difference (other than having her host all the time)? I like to shop camp when she's not available to play, and would like access to items my level.

Stores in Sanctuary scale depending on progress in the main story campaign; check your story completion in single, is it actually the same as hers or are you behind her? The most obvious way you could have ended up behind is if she finished a storyline quest while you joined in late and got the "you joined during this quest and can't get the reward" popup. Evil Tim (talk) 10:29, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

We started playing at the same time and never touch missions without the other one there.We figured Santuary out though I just had to log into my single player game before inviting her.In the Arena's though like Slaughter Dome when she quits to her game in single player the shops are level 23-25 and mine stays at level 19-21.We are on same story and side missions.

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