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Note: This thread was started by Konner2000 without any text.

I feel compelled to answer, since a lot of the TPS skins have been supplied by me, notably the Wilhelm, Claptrap, and Aurelia pages. When I started, these pages only had the default skins listed, so I proceeded to format the table and add the skins I had accumulated over my plays (or which were seemingly randomly added to my list without me completing any prerequisite task).

The only way to have a complete list would be to use hacking tools to add all the skins to my collection. However, first, I don't have all the codes for Aurelia's skins, and second, I still like to find a skin in game by conventional means. So for now, I won't gib my profile. (I made an exception for the Gearbox and the Vault Hunter Prime skins, since there was no way I could get the Gearbox skin, and the game didn't retroactively give me the VHP skins when I re-installed BL1 after playing TPS for a while.)

Of course, anybody is welcome to add missing skins. I'll make an effort to keep the table formatting proper. - --DukeOfEarlLux (talk) 10:02, May 28, 2015 (UTC)

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