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im looking for the Legendary Hunter class mod im willing to trade any of the following items im also looking for the thunderball fist

LVL50 Intense devastator Damage 16515

LVL50 Bladed Tattler Damage 5520x2

LVL50 Sinewy Flakker Damage 15708x3

LVL50 Burning infinity Damage 7233

LVL50 Slippery Kerblaster Damage 31177

LVL50 Boss Hammer Buster Damage 20576

LVL50 Practicable Conference Call Damage 5463x7

LVL50 Longitudinal Longbow Damage 26906

LVL50 Legendary Berserker Class Mod

LVL50 Lobbed Bonus Package Damage 64501x10

LVL50 Lobbed Breath Of Terramorphous Damage 46426

LVL50 Hide Of Terramorphous

LVL50 Bulets Go Fasterifed Slagga Damage 3007x3

LVL50 Night Pitchfork Damage 12972

LVL50 Deep a Nukem Damage 381143

LVL50 Venture Skullmasher Damage 9712x5

I will be willing to trade or dupe any of these items if you have the Legendary Hunter class mod or the Thunderballfist my gammertag is GUNNYSGTKIEF (talk) 20:43, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

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