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I would have to say that Mothrakk was really easy. All me and my brother did was shoot him with Revovler Mashers and shotguns. It took no time at all, but we were also very proficient with the weapons. //GunGrave15 10:31, January 20, 2009 (UTC)

Due to an older thread of mine discussing a certain destroyer being too easy, I'm wondering: Which boss (or the like) do people generally regard as the toughest/hardest to beat? This is, ofcourse, individual both to character and player, but I'm still curious what people think!

Personally I think that the Mothrakk was purely annoying as #¤%&! Not even running could allow me to evade those fireballs, so I had to hide under the stone "bridge" nearby and shoot him with my combat rifle (And playing Lilith and favouring the SMG, I didn't have very much profiency with it) and after fifteen painstaking minutes he finally fell dead! //Dramatic Entrance 22:49, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, Mothrakk was definitely one of the harder bosses. I tried to kill him three times when I was level 21 (he's level 25) and to no avail. I had to wait until I was lvl 25, and used a blast smg to kill him (believe it or not, I used no cover. it was REALLY hard). And I must say, I was quite disappointed with "The Blister". It was definitely not one of the better shotguns. Anyway, if you have a shield with a large capacity (I would recommend a thermal shield, that's what I used) you should be able to do it if you keep up the fire. I would recommend either a high power machine gun or an smg that's either corrosive or explosive.

I found a much easier way to kill him: use the Catch-A-Ride to get a car with machine gun, then get in a steep enough angle to lock on Mothrakk. Now just fire away with the machine gun! Took about 5 minutes or so to kill him this way. --Gourra (talk) 23:15, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

Mothrakk was kind of hard for me because I was on playthrough 2 and him being 3 or 4 levels higher than me. I decided to stay under the roof when he attacked with the fireballs, beside where you get the vehicles. It worked but it wasn't easy... to maybe 15 minutes to down him, but the xp you get... - Zerstorung, January 19, 2010.

The vehicle strategy works alright, but I found a similar strategy to the one the first poster described to be most effective, especially on playthrough 2. The vehicle depot at the bottom of the hill where you find Mothrakk can be used as cover from his barrages. Simply run/drive to the depot as soon as Mothrakk spawns, hide under it (near the back so the projectiles hit the roof above you instead of the ground next to you), and when his barrage is over pop out and blast him. Switching weapons is preferable to reloading while you're attacking him, as you can simply reload while taking cover under the depot roof. This strategy's effectiveness really depends on the quality of your equipped weapons. The reason it works better on the second playthrough is that your weapons (should, if you haven't been lazy with your upgrading) scale to the increased difficulty level, unlike the machine gun found on vehicle turrets. Anyway, hope this helps people, and for the record my personal vote for hardest boss has to be Krom on playthrough 2 (unless you choose to snipe his turret from the beginning of his section of the canyon). --Aelwrath45 23:30, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

At first I'd have to say Mothrakk just because if you try to do it legitimately without vehicles or cover it is by far a total pain and I would say nearly impossible. I mean, the fireballs do massive damage, have awesome splash damage, and are shot at a rate fast enough to prevent shield regen. Also, just hitting him is a pain because you have to constantly look directly upwards and getting hit screws that up so sniping/using pinpoint weapons is out of the question. My friend did it by sitting on top of a hill. For some reason, Mothrakk decided to just not shoot at him up there and he slowly shotgunned him to death with an accurate shotgun. I used the machine gun car and just ran around in circles for 10 minutes after locking onto him.

Otherwise, I personally disliked Moe and Marley. At the low level you get to face them at, they are ridiculously powerful (or at least as Mordecai they were). My friend and I had to team up on them, but it was still difficult as his Berserk didn't manage to fully kill one and they were even more difficult because there were two of us playing.

Krom was pretty easy for me as I could snipe him from the very beginning of the canyon (I did it the first time by accident). I thought it was a sentry gun and that he wasn't actually in it :/. Corrosive sniper killed him in 3 shots from a mile away. Guess that was one pro to playing with a sniper Mordecai build.

Skagzilla and Mad Mel were also pretty difficult if you played with 4 players. Skagzilla had an immense amount of hitpoints and armor and we couldn't really hurt it (we got lucky and I level'ed up to 22 from killing one of the Skags that came out with him and I had been saving a Corrosive shotgun that I found since I was like...Level 14 which helped get the job done. Mel was hard as well because the cars you are given do very poor damage and have horrid hitpoints at a low level compared the the ones they send at you and Mel himself. We found it easier to park a car on the side (so when people died they could teleport to it and get out) and to just use our regular weapons on the cars (rockets). X1SHOTx3KILLSx 00:02, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

I thought that the mothrakk was the toughest as i had to hide in the vehicle spawn to kill it. but mad mel was easy, as long as you kill the first wave up to the point where mel turns up.then you let him kill you and dont drop into the ring just stand on the edge and shoot untill hes dead. if you get hurt just back off and wait for regen. --ARD uk

Mothrakk by far was the most the most annoying. Eventually though it seemed to settle into a circular flight pattern overhead and I was able to pick it off with a variety of weapons - still it took a long time. Skagzilla too was annoying in that the "tactic" was basically to run around letting you shield recharge, then turning and firing a little, then repeating. I don't mind hard bosses, but the ones which require boring and inane tacits are no fun.

I found Skagzilla pretty easy - coax him into doing his mouth laser and then unload some high powered guns into him there. Even with 4 players, he's not that hard with a bit of coordination. Mothrakk and Mad Mel were tied as the most annoying bosses for me - although I guess that's because they were designed to be different. I'm still sure I'm missing something on the Mothrakk fight though, there's gotta be a better way to take it down than just hiding under the catch-a-ride station, catching the occasional shot as it rains fire down on you. OriBiggie 11:51, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

When I fought Mothrakk with a friend we got on the second level above where the torches are lit. What seemed to work was one person to stand under cover while the other ran back and forth between covers. Also having a long range weapon helped quite a bit. Mad_Mel wasn't too bad. Again it helps to be doing it co-op since you have much better aiming and firing when someone else is in control of the gun for the vehicle. --Slyrat 14:15, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Unfortunately daze trivializes almost all the bosses you can get near to. Destroyer involves you sitting behind a pillar for 15 minutes, Krom involves killing him from across the map. Mad Mel involves someone suiciding and then sniping him from a ramp. In terms of annoyance or time involved I guess Skagzilla and Mothrakk, except it's really hard to die on those bosses unless you're trying to get killed. --Aya Shameimaru 14:26, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

My vote is for Skagzilla. I ran out of revolver ammo and he'd only lost half his health. Everyone else up to that point had been fairly easy. Pdboddy 16:48, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Demoshi i would have to say Mad Mel in the first playthrough as when my vehicle was destroyed an outrider would run me over INSTAKILL... in the second playthrough i had a beast masher ( 300 x 7) and 50 rev proficiency, and since it had a really tight spread i just blew everything away no matter the distance. MAYBE the rakk hive and not even it as the hardest just the annoying rakk suicides.

I died the most times with Mad Mel. It's probably not too hard if you're playing Co-op. But playing single player against him is really hard, because it's hard to drive and shoot effectively. Damn you Mel.

For me, I would have to say Mothrakk was the hardest boss for me. I just stayed in a vehicle with a turret and just kept moving and shooting, but it took forever to kill him. The easiest boss was Rakk Hive IMO.

I killed Mothraak like 8 levels after i was supposed to. With my trusty Masher in hand i killed it in 3 shots. I think the hardest boss was Mad Mel if your vehicle explodes, just because of how easy it is to get run over. As for Skagzilla i just waited until he shot his magical bean and got like a bazillion criticals.

I just managed to kill Skagzilla in a matter of minutes. Tried to rocket him into Oblivion, but he kicked my ass. On respawning, made my way across the overbridge and noticed a gap where I could see straight down his gullet, whipped up my sniper rifle and critted him out of existence.

Mad Mel was a bitch, but I managed to lock him then just circle around the fire pit constantly firing 'over my shoulder' - he went down eventually more from random hits than any real skill of mine. -Lucian

I'm going with either Mothrakk or Mad Mel.

Mothrakk's attacks are almost impossible to avoid unless you know a few spots, and each shot hurts a lot. I've actually killed him... and then died from 1 or 2 attacks that were still coming down. Basically once you find one of those good spots to attack him then it's pretty easy, it's just the matter of thinking outside the box to find out.

Mad Mel is pretty much the same, with missiles that are almost impossible to avoid unless you are at a very far distance, and it hurts a lot. Problem is the driving in Borderlands is pretty bad, so I can't really look around to make sure i'm away from him. However if you have a powerful corrosive gun you can bring him down pretty fast. I was shocked when, with a Pestilent Defiler I was able to kill him from full health while I was incapacitated and got a Second Wind off him.

It seems like that to survive these bosses you need to take steps differently than what the devs had in mind. Kleptomaniac666 13:39, November 19, 2009 (UTC)

So far, Skagzilla was one of the hardest ones for me..well, considering i was lvl 19 tryin to kill him. At first I tried every single thing i could do to kill him, but he just wouldnt die. After a while of lvlin up(Level 22-23),I went back to him with Sledge's Shotgun and let her rip,alongside the magazine clip skill and heavy gunner mod,I was very surprised at how easy he did die though,considering that when i was a few lvls lower, his attacks just about killed me to pieces,at lvl 22 he didnt hurt me but like 25-50 points on my shields. So i just let my gun whoop him up. Didnt take but 2-3 min. :) -G3RONIMO

I'm going with Mothrakk. I didn't cheese it; I killed it fair and square. With Sledge's Shotgun, actually. It's so large the weapon actually hits surprisingly well and deals incomparable damage. Still, a monster that you can't close in on, with extremely potent ranged attack and no weak spot to snipe at, fighting at too long a range for efficient Launcher use... Yeah, Mothrakk was tough; I died twice before I got it. He was also relatively high level for the quest; I recall being 23 when I got the quest and it was like a 22 quest and yet, Mothrakk was 25.

Now, had I had the accurate doubleshooting SMG I acquired a bit later (playing Siren), it would've been a wash, or at least much easier, but at that point, my best weapon for the job was honestly Sledge's Shotgun. We also had serious issues killing it in our co-op too with me being the only one not constantly dying (having fought it solo, I had managed to learn to avoid the fireballs), until it bugged and started circling in one place. Though I did notice I managed to avoid its fireballs with running while not precisely under it meaning it IS possible.

And yeah, agreeing on Mad Mel too. Having another player as your gunner helps a TON there, but then all the opponents are buffed up; losing your car means you might just get squashed by Outriders or Mad Mel himself and the rockets deal a lot of damage. Heck, in general, I'm gonna say anything with explosive attack like Rockets is tough. The toughest fight I ever had was in the Lost Cave I entered around ~level 13 (eventually got to 17) where I faced two level 16 Badass Bruisers with rocket launchers. No matter how many times and with what strategy I tried, I couldn't deal enough damage to them to drop them before being forced to Inner Glow my HP back, and they regenerated so fast the damage didn't stick, especially since I had to go buy ammo at some points. So yeah, rocket launchers are bad for you, mmkay? --Elealar 08:14, November 21, 2009 (UTC)

I feel a better place to attack Mothrakk from is from the ramp at the Pisswash jump. It takes longer for Mothrakk to reach you all the way over there, and you can take cover under the ramp when it gets to you. After a while Mothrakk will fly back which gives you more time to shoot at it. Probably doesn't work if you don't have accurate weapons though.

For me Skagzilla wasn't hard, it just had lots of armor and health. But you can crouch under it's head when it fires its laser and deal massive damage there.

Mad Mel isn't hard per se, I simply can't defeat him the normal way. I usually just die and then snipe his car from behind the ramp leading into the arena.

Moe and Marley are quite easy if you find the correct vantage point. Seperate those two, attack Moe from a ledge somewhere where Moe cannot reach you. Then you can dispatch of Marley.

Most of the bosses are pretty easy for me. I use Mordecai. ~Critz

I'm sad! Nobody even mentioned Master McCloud! He was a PAIN solo (on my Hunter, at least).

really i found him stupidly easy i am also a hunter

Have to go with Master McCloud he's Eridian weapon was a Pain in Liliths @$$. Drains entire 1000 shields with one shot even if it hit something close. And has few friends who fire normal weapons to drain your life and to kill you quick. Had to use Phasewalking to run for cover.

Moe and Marley Are quite hard but if you aim at they mouth all the time they going down prety fast also best strategy to them is to shoot from above.

Mothrakk I found chalanging but not realy that hard killed it with S&S Munitions sniper rifle on first and second playthrough. (Playing with Lilith)

just stay back in cover and it is really easy to dodge the cannon fire and just snipe the royal guard--Jaguarman134 14:22, November 22, 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I'll have to say, to my Siren, McCloud was a joke; the balls are too slow to ever hit if you keep motion and sniping the fools' face is easy. Moe and Marley weren't especially tough either as they're pretty much melee and the area is open; lots of room means you can just run shitrings around them while emptying clips in their mouth.--Elealar 15:47, November 22, 2009 (UTC)

Mothrakk was definitely the biggest pain in the ass, hands down. I fought him with a friend twice, on Playthrough 1, we used a car and hung on the section of road in front of the Arena. He would fire off his rockets, while I rode up just slightly so that I could aim at him in the air circling over his little "area". When he came near and started flaming us, I would just punch it one way or the other while my friend lit him up with the rockets. Rinse, repeat. Wasn't hard, although we got stuck a couple times and he blew up our car...that kinda sucked. Just time consuming.

Playthrough 2 went a lot faster, but he was a lot more pissed off. I don't recall what level he was (we were 42) but instead of using the car method (which took about 6-7 minutes) we hid under the awning at the closest Catch-A-Ride and darted out to take shots at him. There is very little margin of error, and you need to be deep under that awning to avoid the splash damage. I had to get revived a couple times by my friend when I got caught on a tire or something sprinting back under. Took like 4 minutes.

For the record, I was a Soldier and he was a Hunter, I used Combat Rifles and Rockets, him his Sniper Rifle and Revolver... - Effedup 06:50, November 26, 2009 (UTC)

mad mel was pretty easy just lock on to him hold down the fire button and drive around in circles using the boost every so often --Jaguarman134 19:34, December 2, 2009 (UTC)


I found jack to be impossible on foot on my second playthrough, I had to run him over to kill him, Mothrak was easy once I just hid under the catch a ride's roof to avoid the fireballs and jumped out between him firing his fire balls.

I stopped after my first visit to Janus town because I hit the level cap and thought "why bother?" not that I thought it was even possible to solo any further anyway. (unable to connect to online games)AishaLove 19:57, December 2, 2009 (UTC)

Not too sure why people thought Mad Mel was difficult, he was one of the easier ones I faced. I may have gotten lucky, but all I did was destroy his little buggy friends, then locked onto him and just drove in circles while holding down the rocket launcher trigger until he died... worked fine. When I first started the game, Bonehead, Nine-toes, and the Roadrage fella were tough... I started a Siren and for some reason I'd always go into missions under leveled. Nine-toes took 2 tries, bonehead... at least 5 and road rage... lol well I never beat him with that Siren... I stopped playing, made a Soldier and started over again :) Made another Siren after I was done with the Soldier, but didn't have too many problems with anyone O.o --Skippity Skipster 20:06, December 2, 2009 (UTC)

Mothrakk is easy if you have a shield with extreme fire resistance, with decent recharge rate, on my hunter 2nd playthrough i just stood there and sniped him to death, without using my scope... You can practically recharge the damage done in between his waves of bombs... Personally, i'd vote for moe and marley as most annoying, though they aren't really that hard... ~Boodus

I'd say that Mothrakk was the hardest in single player, in multi player I'm not really sure what boss would be the hardest. There are strategies which can make any of the bosses easy to kill, I'll outline the ones I use for Mothrakk and Mad Mel.

Mothrakk: Single Player: Hide under the scooter spawn and keep shooting him til he dies. Multi Player: Join a game w/ a siren and soldier and smg/shotgun him to death. It helps alot to get him to keep switching targets so that shields can regen.

Mad Mel: Single Player: If you die the first time around, sit on the edge of the ramp and shoot him w/ your regular weapons (preferably fire w/ splash). Multi Player: Have whoever has the most powerful splash elemental weapon sit on the ramp and have the other people distract Mel w/ vehicles.

Note: Use fire weapons with splash damage on any vehicles you have to kill throughout the game. They will kill vehicles very quickly depending on the weapon and vehicle.

--Doctorgray 11:15, December 12, 2009 (UTC)

The reason I had trouble with both is because I refuse to play tactically. The game is already easy enough as it is; I'm not about to throw the only challenges away by playing smart. Mothrakk is indeed ridiculously easy with Extreme Fire Resistance shield, and Mad Mel just plain dies if you sit on the ramp (I was never even in danger the time I died and killed him from there). However, if you fight them "as intended" (dance on the summoning area with Mothrakk and fight vs. Mad Mel & goonies in your car), they can be quite challenging.

Definitely more-so than any other boss in the game; I never found Moe and Marley really challenging simply because you can dance shitrings around them and the stupid Skags can't really hit you. That and there's so much rabble around that you can easily eat up Second Winds when needed. Only problem was running outta ammo. Meh, the game needs more difficulty. A difficulty slider or something, and the option of setting quest difficulties to account for you playing every sidequest in the game. And I wanna be able to replay quests on Playthrough 3 (something like allowing clicking on one to activate that quest) so I could face Destroyers and such over and over again :(

--Elealar 11:32, December 12, 2009 (UTC)

I found another strategy for mad mel, you can spawn both your vehicles and use one to bump the other over the ramp, then you can stash it somewhere in case your first car is destroyed or you want to switch what weapon is on your car mid fight.AishaLove 15:02, December 12, 2009 (UTC)

I think Mothrakk was the hardest simply because at the time I fought her, I didn't HAVE a fire resist shield. I spent around 10 minutes trying to beat him on foot, I finally ran down to the catch-a-ride and got a rocket launcher. Lock onto mothrakk and drive away, she'll follow you. Drive fast enough that she keeps moving but slow enough to when she catches up she stops, just long enough to send a fireball or two. Hold your trigger and you'll beat her in about 30 seconds. Skagzilla on the other hand wasn't hard, he was a pain in the ass though. He absolutely refused to shoot his laser/breath weapon so I had to sort of sprint, 180 rocket launcher in the face, 180 sprint.... it was too much of a pain to do it again until I got a better sniper rifle and ended up 2-3 shotting him in his fleshy vagina looking mouth. Gebraheel 18:43, December 15, 2009 (UTC)

Bonehead is a pain in the @$$ at PT 1 had to team up with my dad to bring him down and mothrakk is impossible if not going under roofs and MAD MEL was just ANOYING -Casperk WAS HERE 19:08, December 16, 2009 (UTC)

You don't have to do bonehead right as soon as you get the misssion, just level up a bit andd he is easy as cake, sweet yummy cake! 22:33, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

On my account Skagzilla was the toughest boss as i was playing co-op so i was lv 12 when i fought it. Earlier today i beat mothrakk without taking any damage, i camped at the back of the garage until it flew overhead then i popped out and shot it with my sniper rifle, i think i killed it in about 10 minetes

Sledge, or Mad Mel. Likely Sledge; I sat on the ramp and sniped Mad Mel with a high-damage sniper, lol. The Flying Fenrakk 00:46, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

Mothrakk without a vehicle or cover (then It's just a question of whittling down her health). For my Siren, Sledge was a pain (he soaked up all of my SMG rounds), Rakk Hive for my Solider (1rst PT), Roid-Rage psycho for my Hunter, and I have yet to run into a problem with Brick. Krom was annoying as a solider, but pathetically easy with my hunter (I just sniped the hell out of his turret.) Blackheart1991 17:17, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

any boss i kinda felt the need to cheat ima consider as too hard cheating in this case means having an unfair advantage due to various circumstances

  • Mothrakk - Had to use cars, cover, all of it - and still was hard
  • Mad Mel - the moment i even got my car in his arena i got shot by 9 rockets and had an instant death... had to revive and snipe him from the ramp
  • Moth Hive - I felt like I cheated on this one, I just stood on the hill (i really didnt even know he had a giant arena...) and killed him, he just kinda of stood there doing nothing so it felt like i cheated
  • Sledge playthru 1 solo - jeez man, 1 shot from you left me with shield down and like 50 hp left... had to use the lame open the door and shoot trick
  • That guy in the turret when going to sledge playthru 1 solo - while I didnt cheat on this one, geez was he hard... he was harder then half the actual bosses in the game -Talamare- 18:12, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

what about that big guy who throws grenades at you in sledge's hideout hes harder than mad mel and mothrak. how do you guys have problems with them? Roboticsuperman 19:58, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, the Roid Rage Psycho can be a tough one. Usually, you can hide in the pit and shoot him through slits in the fence near the end posts. But, if he gets the angle on you, his nades will get into the pit. You can jump out and run in wide circles jumping over the crates and rocks as these will delay him as he chases you. Jump when you see him slam the ground so the shock wave will miss. Try not to kill too many of the Midget Psychos as you'll need one close by in case you're in a Fight for Life. A good machine gun with a large mag or an elemental SMG, fire or corr, works well. MeMadeIt 20:51, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

although i havent tried it myself, a shield with extreme fire resistance would make mothrakk quite easy... just sayin 21:57, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

An 'Extreme" will indeed make it easier but not a lot. You'll be able to survive the first direct bombardment, maybe a second, but not a third, so you have to keep moving to give your shield time to recharge. I still kept close to the car spawn in case I needed to duck under the cover. MeMadeIt 05:45, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

Yay for necroposting!

Not counting Rakkanishu, which I never actually killed, my hardest challenges were the M's that everyone else has mentioned -- Mothrakk, Mad Mel, and Moe & Marley. Mothrakk was difficult, but doable once I accepted that I wasn't going to fight it on top of the hill. However, Mad Mel killed me countless times, and didn't seem to come within LoS when I was out of the ring...ultimately had to go nuts with a rocket launcher since I am absolutely horrible at vehicle combat. Moe and Marley forced me to get a friend. It seemed like no matter where I ran, I was beset upon by hundreds more skags. Although I killed a ton of them, I eventually ran out of bullets...only to find that Moe and Marley regenerate health when I'm focused on shooting the other rabble. I would have had no problem fighting them alone, but I couldn't fight the entire Arid Hills zone and expect to take them out. --Azuarc 22:05, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Rakkanishu is not much trouble if you have an "Extreme Fire Resistence" shield. If you stand still, he'll come to hover near you and, with a good MG or SMG or Shotgun, you'll be able to knock him down. Just take aim before he fires cuz you won't see him through the flame. MeMadeIt 05:45, January 20, 2010 (UTC)
Ironically, the entire Arid Hills Zone can be your greatest ally when fighting Moe & Marley if you don't want to actually battle them. Just shoot them with a sniper rifle to tick them off, and run. Not too fast or far - make sure they're still chasing you at all times. As soon as you can, run through a bandit camp (the bigger the better, but make sure you can get out the other side FAST). If you do it right, the bandits will start fighting Moe and Marley for you, which is probably one of the few times you'll be happy to see a Badass spawn. Once they get Moe and/or Marley down to low health, finish the beast off from afar. Alternatively, the duo might slaughter the whole camp, but they'll almost certainly have taken some serious damage. Kill them yourself or lead them to another camp. I prefer to fight them normally, but this method's existence makes them far from the most difficult boss in my opinion. -- Claptrap 14:45, January 20, 2010 (UTC)
This is the same tactic I use. I run straight to the rear of the bandit camp, around the red hut, and off the cliff. Moe is a lot more agressive than Marley and he will usually kill all the bandits while Marely hangs back at the entrance. That's when I engage Marley and draw him into the pond area below the camp. This is also the same tactic I use for "Bait n Switch". I run in to replace the abdomen and then lure King Aracob into the bandit camp, jump off the cliff, and then come up from behind and watch as he rips the bandits to shreds. MeMadeIt 16:01, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

Definitely going for Master McCloud, especially in the Underdome. My first playthrough w/ Roland I got owned by his guards and it took forever but on my second playthrough I found a S&S Orion with Mordecai and took him down much quicker. --OiXerxes 00:31, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

I'm gonna have to go for one of either Mothrakk, Bonehead or One-eyed jack. Bonehead's quest is given to you way too early and you have to be a couple of levels above to beat him, Mothrakk (for obvious reaons), and One-eyed Jack's revolver does stupid and my friend took ages to kill him in mad moxxi's underdome riot. Steel crab 07:54, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

Well, if we're talking about in the Underdome rather than the normal game, my biggest trouble has come from Master McCloud as well. He's responsible for the one team death I had with my friend. However, a lot of the bosses feel very different in Underdome, inherently. Sledge, for instance, is much easier because there's room to outmaneuver him. Jacob Kobb doesn't have gatling turrets to attack you in an ambush. Reaver is harder only because he was pathetically easy to begin with and now he has some companions. Arena Nine-Toes is annoying, but still doable. Fighting King Wee-wee is like taking on another horde wave. Et cetera, et cetera. -- 17:24, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

The hardest boss in the whole game would have to be One-Eyed Jack because of his psyco revolver that weaves behind cover, each time you try to get a clear shot on his head you get hit by his damn gun and its even harder on playthrough 2.5 because splattering him all over the ground isin't enough to kill him because when you try to ram him with your ride your car explodes leaving you with about 64 health left and then out of nowhere a BadMutha bully pops out and mauls you to death. Another near-impossible boss to kill is Moe and his damn friend Marley fire and shock mix very well, shock nerfs out your shield and then fire heats you up to a crisp so too does Mothrakk but its not that hard a couple of hundred shots with a double anarchy and you'll see it crashing down to earth.


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