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Here’s what I have (everything lvl 50 unless otherwise noted). Message Mediocre Ninja if you want to trade/dupe (If you are just feeling generous, I accept donations as well :) )


Bowie Maggie – 4313x6 dmg

Floated Hornet – 6984 dmg

Purging Infinity (Corrosive) – 8802 dmg

Facilitating Fibber (level 49) – Not Sure

Purple Shock Pistol – 8835 damage, 98% accurate, 4.6 fire rate, 17 mag, 3606 shock damage 14% chance

Assault Rifles:

Swift Shredifier - 6465 dmg

Feral Seraphim (Fire) – 7873 dmg

Cowboy Hammer Buster – 19407 dmg


Refill Baby Maker – 6141 dmg

Apt Hellfre – 4470 dmg

Some Decent Purples


Scalable Slow Hand – 18418 dmg

Some Decent Purples


Razrez White Death – 20338 dmg

Britva Patriot (slag) – 20374 dmg

Chikamin Buffalo – 33319 dmg

Supperssive Pitchfork – 16709 dmg

Purple Slag – 19833 dmg, 96% accuracy, 3.1 fire rate,  10 mag

 Rocket Launchers:

Dippity Ahab – 291536 dmg

Punitory Norfleet – 214851x3 dmg


Longbow Meteor Shower – 66326x10 dmg

Sticky Homing Slag O-Negative – 20980x8 dmg

Rolling Thunder – 54540x9 dmg

Sticky Homing Bonus Package – 65109x10 dmg

Homing Storm Front – 30831 dmg

Sticky Homing Quasar – 54540 dmg

Homing Fire Bee – 30831 dmg

Lobbed Fire Leech – 2660x6 dmg

Longboy Fire Leech – 2727x6 dmg

Sticky Lobbed Bouncing Bonny – 9090 dmg



Alkaline Bee (corrosive immune) – 46678 amp damage



Big Boom Blaster

 Class Mods:

Legendary Hunter

Legendary Mechromancer


Tediore Allegiance 30% dmg, 70% mag size

Blood of seraphs

Blood of Terramorphous

What I want (lvl 50 please):

Better Maggies

Infinity Shock

Siren Legendary Class Mod


Thunderball fists

Conference Call

Moxxies Heart Breaker


Docs Striker



Assasin Heads

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