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i've been playing boarderlands at my friends house on his 360. hasn't been an issue because we always either play at his house, or he'll bring his HDD to my house, but he's moving next week and we would like to continue playing with our current characters.

i have his HDD and the game here at my house now. i'm planning on updating both to the latest software so i can use a USB flash drive for save data.

my gamertag on my 360 is different then the profile i set up on his. can i transfer my character to my gamertag on my 360?

if so any advice or instruction is very much appreciated.

I believe you can tranfer profiles, as for transferring game characters is possible as well. Since characters are normally attached to a profile, transferring profiles should also transfer the characters... As to how to do it I believe you should put a USB stick and your friend's HDD into the 360. Then go to the memory section (where you can copy/delete various things on said HDD), and find the profile. Choose it, and there should be an option to copy it. Choose that, then choose the USB flash drive as the storage device to save to. Turn off the 360, then put your HDD in place of your friend's.

As to how to put the profile from the USB stick to the HDD I'm not sure. But I hoped I helped a bit. Midiland95 21:48, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

ok, it wouldn't be bad if i had to sign into a different profile just to play that game, but wouldn't i have to buy gold for it to play online with that profile?Triplehelix 21:57, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

Ok, first time doing this, so hope I'm doing it right. Got a similar problem here. me and my nephew have been playing on my 360. we both are L61 with a tone of stuff done and only crawmy to beat. He has now bought his own copy of the game and I have bought us both gold subs so we can continue to play together over live. only problem is, his profile on my machine and his live profile are different. is there anyway to change the owner of the save? I don't mind if I'm going to have to use tools to hack the files on the USB stick as long as it can be done I'm sure i can figure it out. TheDataAngel 19:11, May 26, 2010 (UTC)

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