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Hello, well i found an awesome custom DLC for Borderlands 1 (which is kind of a Moxxi's underdome expansion), I can enter the main area with no trouble but when i enter any arena my game crashes. 

The mod is "The Underdome 2.0" by dopefiend

I tried changing the game's install location (as you can see in the screenshot too), lowering the graphics quality to very low, putting the game in windowed and fullscreen but no one of those seem to work

Did i did something wrong or something else i need to install? 

Modded Borderlands 1 crash report

Here is the Crash report

P.D.: I have the Dr. Zed's patch, the oasis map hub and Grimmjow's Gear installed

Luis 64 bits (talk) 01:46, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

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