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I think that if GBX do make a 4th DLC, it would be a pain in the ass for them.

Some Reasons:

1) The DLC will have to be better than General Knoxx, which means more level cap, more vehicles I don't know. Or it won't sell good.

2) Enemies would have to be fixed for level 61s aswell= yet some more work!

3) Tell us what the f**k is the Interplanetry Ninja Assassin Claptrap!

4) More weapons...

5) us what Tell the Ninja Claptrap Interplanetery f**k Assassin!

Update: Its too late for level cap because if they cap it to for instance 75, players wont buy General Knoxx (which is 61). They should be able to make the level cap in an item, that adds for instance 10 levels but then they will have to make it for levels 35, 50, 61 which willbe a pain for them!!!!

So you're practically telling us that the only reason people bought General Knoxx is because of the level cap? Nice one.

What You Think

I personally believe that they should make customizable weapons a part of the game. Tell me it wouldn't be sick to collect parts of guns to mix and match as you want. Obviously there would need to be some order to it and restraints to keep it creative, such as a small side inventory for these parts, and you'd need to assemble them at a specific location, and probably make lots of families of parts that would work together. Hey, they could do it for class mods too or even shields I wouldn't mind at all. It would be interesting to be able to build a weapon that conforms to your character to use along side the other things. They'd have to limit them somehow so as to keep the integrity and purpose of a huge weapon database that lets you find the right weapon for you. Also perhaps you could salvage parts from other guns? Idk, ideas... Oh and I have no idea how to do a line break so this is where mine ends.


Only if they make BL2 downloadable. Even though it might take days to download all that information, I would rather wait and have maybe a pre-release background downloader than have to stand in line at gamestop. Any story advance would be welcome but im sure they are treading very carefully with the information they release especially with such successful MMO's such as WOW (or anything done by Blizzard) and this being a similar version for console gaming.Uaticker 13:22, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Oh god, downloadable?? Are you crazy?? Yes I agree that they will have problems making DLC4 and it might be wise to start planning on BL2, but the advantage of the main games is that they are on disc!! Here, I explain myself. I`m assuming you`re not on PS3, (I could be wrong) but about a month ago PSN went down. Now everyone who had DLCs couldn`t play them because they had bought them from the PS3 store. However, they could still play the disc based game. Needless to say, what if you wanted to play BL2 at your friends` house? If it was downloadable you would have to export all the files on a USB drive and import them on their PS3. OR, you could just take the disc to their house... I think my point is clear. Disc based releases have so many advantages over DLCs that it`s not even funny. And if you`re not a social person and standing in line ata game store isn`t your thing, then maybe get a friend to go buy it for you, or something. I`m sure Gearbox won`t make BL2 DLC on account of that. Tellegro 14:13, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

^ This.Eulogenic 16:07, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

This may be a long one, but here goes...

I looked at all three DLCs and something hit me... Fallout 3. It seems that Gearbox may have copied them in that respect. FO3 had 5 DLCs, The first three were Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel. If wee look at those more closely, we see that the first two didnt add that much to the game, just some new things, and new gear, maybe a new area you could travel too. Broken Steel, however, added a raise to the level cap ( 8 | ) and a continuation of the story (gasp!), plus new gear and areas. So there you have it, a similarity between FO3 and BL. With that theory, we can assume that if Gearbox is to go that way, they will release at least two more DLCs, However, I doubt anyone here wants to see gearbox copy Beth, so I think they should (and possibly will) repeat what they did, and that is release two DLCs like zombie Island and underdome, and than release a Knoxx, with a raise in level cap and continuation of story.

Now, in another thread, I hypothesised that Gearbox will be able to release atleast 7-8 DLCs before they consider releasing BL2 (also, I said BL2 with new player character). Now they have three DLCs already, and if they do what I said above, and release three more DLCs in the same manner, that will be six DLCs, leaving one or two DLCs left to make. Regardless of what they choose to do, their last DLC will have to be BIG!!! Bigger than Knoxx. I think that instead of releasing new content, they should instead release only a little bit of new, and completely revamp the original area, Because, I view the end game level cap being 75 (nice number) and compared to the original border lands, that is a joke, as nothing will challenge you. So, to tide us over while they finalize BL2, they can revamp the original game, making all the enemeis go up to 75, adding maybe a true playthrough 3 and 4, maybe enve go so far as a 5. Also, all the previous DLCs will have certain features made accesible in the main area. So there is a actual bank in New Haven (and any other major settlement TBA in future DLCs), and other things.

Also, the way I see it, the bank is a means of correcting a problem with the original game, People dont want to have to carry all their stuff, all the time, and dont want to shuffle it amongdifferent dummy accounts used for storage. So I think they may use the DLCs as a beta testing for what players like and what they dont, so they know what to include with the "vanilla" game, right from the start.

So, to recap:

There are similarities between the first three DLCs of FO3 and BL,

Gearbox should make and three DLCs, repeating what they did for the first three (with third DLC have level cap raise and continuing the story)

They could (or should) make at least 8 DLCs, with the 8th being a revamp of the original BL area.

Use the DLCs as beta testing for features players like and dislike, so they can include said features in the "vanilla" BL2 game.


In case anyone doesnt know, "vanilla" is a term used to describe a original, unmodified game. I got the term from when I played TES4 on the PC, as they described the unmodded game as "vanilla".

And damn, when I said long, I didnt think this long!

Lone-Wanderer 15:38, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Well said lone wanderer. From what ive heard/seen, these are what people mainly want.

1 New weapons, COMS, nade mods and shields

2 New enemies, in the original maps aswell

3 New vechiles

4 A weapon workbench

5 More missions, in the original maps aswell

6 More inventory/ bank space

7 More awesome bosses, and the old bosses like king wee wee respawnable

8 Levelled up enemies

9 A trade system between players

10 New arenas

11 Traps, like cages or bear traps

12 Melee weapons

A Lonely Nomad 16:06, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

What do you mean by "a weapon workbench"? I am hoping possibly for some manner of refining the guns I currently possess through customized parts or even dismantling other guns and obtaining parts that way, or even just some sort of controlled fusion of two weapons. Why not base a success rate or capabilities therein off of your proficiency level with each category of gun? ~ PSNTorsten

I personally think everything is a good idea, but there could be problems in the level caps because Gearbox would have to make it to where you are required to have the Knoxx DLC. That seems more difficult than it sounds for two reasons: one, they would have to create a program to raise the levels. Two, the level cap would be irresponsible because Crawmerax is only 64 and they wouldn't want the hardest boss in the game to be too easy... or would they? Mazman1521 16:52, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

( modder ) im sure that the crawmerax being 64 is not a problem.... if you everer play the underdome with someone like me who is modded up to 70 all the enemys levels become the highest level in the party, being 70 just a couple lines of code would do the same thing to Crawmerax. always putting him 3 levels above the highest.

but keep in mind that is has be released that there will be a playthrough 3 witch im sure will also raise his level and give him a cool clap trap form ( maybe )

Well, to start off with, the update on top about people not buying Knoxx if they raise the level cap, rather simple (yet somewhat harsh) salution would be to make Knoxx manditory for the new DLC to work. So far, you could buy any DLC without the others. I geuss I should have seen this in my first novel post, but with being able to go straight to 75, Knoxx would be obsolet. But we could reference Wow in this respect. Sure, you dont have too buy either expansion pack, but when you level 60, and everyone else is 80, you will fell a bit left out. And sure, you dont have to buy the BC expansion, but your going to be missing out on all that content, not to mention it will be slow and tedious leveling up in Azeroth from 60 -70, and a bitch trying to level up from 60 -80 in Northend. So either make Knoxx mandetory for the next level raise DLC, or in some sense punish the player for not buying Knoxx. The second may not be the best idea, but really, if you think about it, are you going to wait, who knows how long, for that next level raise, or are you going to say, The hell with it, and by Knoxx, so you can be of some use to everyone else which are already ovel 61. We dont know if they will even release a new BL in the next year or two (unless I missed something, which is completly psooible), so this level raise DLC may not be around for another 6 months, would anyone want to be level 50 in a group with three level 61, being the dead weight? Also, Crawmerax is currently the hardest boss in BL, thats not to say he will remain the hardest, and if so, just reference Godzilla, and have Crawmerax return bigger and badder... and slightly radioactive. Lone-Wanderer 18:48, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

I have so many ideas for DLCs. i think that Lance should feature in all of them (Zombie island was crap) and they should always expand, like in fallout 3, after purchasing Broken Steel add on pack, the Enclave (basically lance) would capture some of the games most difficult creatures and use them against the player. Imagine a Rakk hive (who was way to easy btw) that was controlled by dozens of Lance on its back, think Lord of the Rings, those big elephant things, same with crawermax. Maybe a whole new, and far more advanced weapons company from a different planet turned up on the scene and wanted some action. The increase of level cap and more weapons etc. is an obvious suggestion, same with wider variety of enemies and some harder bosses. As for BL2, i love the idea of a prequal, turning up on the planet as a mercenary for whichever character you choose, Roland would work for Atlas, and so on. each character would have there own story line that crosses with the other, the last level of each character could be fighting one of the other characters, an epic battle between Roland and Mordecai working for opposition weapon manufacturers.

sorry if i lety my imagination run, thats what this page is for though right? 18:59, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Just a few notes and opinions:

If anyone else read the article from Inside Xbox magazine way back when it was first announced, they made a lot of promises as to game mechanics that never actually made it into the game. Everything was supposed to be randomized, including enemies and their behavior, chest locations, how cover was distrubuted on the maps, obstacles, exploding cacti, and these places were going to connect to the static town areas that always stayed the same. Vehicle battles were also supposed to be more epic than just two vehicles shooting at each other. I think they intended people to be able to jump from vehicle to vehicle and enter melee combat and things like that. The guns were supposed to be more randomized too. In the article, one of the developers they interviewed said hes constantly being surprised by what the game came up with. His favorite gun was a rifle that, when fired at an emeny, initially did nothing. Then a few seconds later the enemy would explode. It was a rifle that shot exploding darts. There were all other kinds of crazy weapons too, instead of just different types of weapons with randomized stats and elemental effects and occasionally different firing patterns. I think their biggest failed promise was when you put the disc in, after the main menu, you'll never see another loading screen. It was also supposed to have a much more serious art direction and their originally was no Brick. He was added as an afterthough when they realized the co-op potential of the game (not that that's a bad thing).

My point is, if their going to make a sequel (which in they will since in that same article they said this will be the first in a planned franchise and I don't think that's the same as the reast of the failed promises), they'll have to start making some of these original ideas a reality, otherwise we're basically just going to have a $60 DLC on a shiny new disc with a new name.

I also remember reading online somewhere (if I can find the link, I'll post it) that within the first game, they wanted to begin and finish the story of the vault, which they have, so I hope no one's getting their hopes up on them doing anything with the vault anymore. They said that with that out of the way, their going to explore other parts of Pandora. Supposedly, it's a rather large planet, so they have a lot they can do with it. As for CL4P-TP Interplanetary Ninja Assassin, they said that was just a little joke, but they may or may not do something with it in future Borderlands iterations.

As for DLC 4, I have no idea. It seemed to me like they were trying to test the randomization engine more with the last DLC. Nothing big, just sometimes theres a chest here, sometimes its over there, sometimes this type of Lance will spawn, sometimes a different Lance will spawn. I think they are trying to make the game more randomized and they're testing it little by little. I'm thinking whatever DLC 4 is, it will be more randomized than the last.

For those that don't know, roughly a year into devolpment (I think, I could be wrong on the timing) they had a major crash. Their main programming computer got the blue screen of death because of a glitch with the randomization engine. Most people thought they were completely going to cancel the game, but instead they started over and reworked it entirely. This is probably the reason for why they had to scrap a lot of their original ideas and possibly why they're slowly trying to work them back in.

As for a sequel, my personal thought is the beginning of a corporation war. Think about it, you have Dahl who originally funded the excavation teams, Atlas who came in to try and take over, and Hyperion who had been watching this whole time. But that's just my thoughts. I dont know what more to say on it right now. Another possiblity would be exploring different regions of Pandora during different season cycles for a yet unknown purpose. The plot says that all the creatures came out when Pandora changed from its winter cycle to warmer weather. However, they never said there weren't other creatures in the winter weather. I personally would really just like to see and fight whatever creatures all those giant skeletons belong to in whatever type of weather. I don't think they'll have a full character import system in the sequel though. Maybe just so you can import their guns (for storage until you can use them or dumbed down versions for lower levels), money, and possibly proficiencies, but if you start at level 61, that would be ridiculous. Who knows, they might decide to have different characters altogether (although I personally doubt it, people have become too attached to these characters, I think a lot of people would get pissed).

Okay, I'm going to end this here. A few notes a opinions tunred into a novel and I apologize. I've had several conversations about this with friends and I got excited to be posting about it. Take care all.

AlexanderBlackX 19:58, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Another person adding my 2 cents I think that they will probably have new charecters but the old ones may turn up as npc's which give missions and maybe play a pivitol role in the plot. They could even give reward weapons like the dove or knoxx's gold as quest rewards as they would have collected them in the first game. as for dlc's I think we need some awnsers in the holes in our understanding so expand the plot. Someting I noticed is that the main plot reads like a western (gold rush, bandits, deserts) zombie island is a horror movie, underdome is a gladiator movie and knoxx is a car based movie. So maybe the next DLC may bring up martial arts or maybe a military setting (like walking into a war zone with atlas battaling hyperion).

In my opinion I think making a load of DLCs will just make the public go away... especially since the team will run out of ideas at one point. Keimei AM 7:27, 2010, March 29 (GMT +9)


Epic post is Epic (lol)

Anyways, After you mentioned it, I do remember seeing something about that, and I remember a friends telling me that this was suppose to be like Diablo, with all the random areas and enemies. Damn, I nearly forgot about that stuff, and no im sad...

Okay, no im not, but still. I think that would be some cool stuff to add in the new game. Of course, hopefully, their computer wont Bluescreen on them and they have to start over from scratch again.

Interesting find.


i think they will probably do something like raise level cap by 10 for example then people who did not buy General knoxx will just get to lvl 60 while those who did will get to 71


HOHO... I struck gold. If anyone wants to read about the original direction of the game, here is a link.

Lone-Wanderer 20:10, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

I think the new dlcs mite include sanctuary or somthin and bl2 could include oceania or promethius. Matches 20:55, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Dude, new levels would jsut get off-set by new skills/skilltrees. Adding zones that are randomly generated would keep the game alive longer too. New Classes can do the same too. Either way, shit ain't gonna go to hel 'cuz they make more of it.~~

on the disc issue: they should release on steam right upon release and this time as well include that instead of gamespy, would do a fantastic job (me loves steam)Demonique 23:11, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

The steam thing is all well and good, but what about those of us who are strictly console based? (Me loves 360 :P) And I highly HIGHLY doubt they are going to release DLC that explores other planets, or even do so in the sequel (please correct me if I'm wrong in thinking Oceania and Promethius are other planets, it's very late and I'm very tired = brain not function good). I distinctly remember reading that they plan to explore more of Pandora in the next game, so I doubt they'd have us go to new planets for side questing DLC now. Although I've been seeing Sanctuary be speculated a lot, so that could be possible. As far as making new classes, I don't think they'd just add new characters. I mean, they've covered all the weapon types (except eridians) with all the characters now and the way they're distributed makes sense. And it wouldn't make any sense if they just abandoned our current heroes. They've been in all of Marcus' stories so far. Why would he just make new character all of a sudden. And don't say "because he's Marcus and he can do that." I think if they made new characters, they'd end up being too similar to what we have now anyway. Personally I think they'll keep the same classes, but alter how they work. Possibly adding more skills/skill trees, maybe bettering some of the mechanics of the action skills. Maybe bringing their weapon specialties to a brighter light. I.e. Mordecai having a CLEAR advantage with snipers and maybe more of a disadvantage with some other gun, instead of just having skills that make snipers a little better for him. What I'd really like to see in either DLC or in the sequel is character specific quests. Quests that explore the background story and purpose of each character. When I first got the game, I wanted to try each character and playthrough with all of them, but after I started Mordecai I got so attached that I saw no real reason to play any of the others other than to experience them a little and maybe boost them to max level just to have them. I'd rather spend more time building my main character with better loot. I never really felt any reason to go through everything six more times with three more characters, but if each character had story elements that were specific to them, I'd definitely be more interested in playing each of them to their fullest.

In conclusion, no, shit deffinitely ain't gonna go to hell if they make more of it, but if they don't make it bigger and better than what we have now, it won't truly be a sequel, it will be an overpriced DLC,but if they overdo it, it won't be Borderlands anymore, and either way it probably won't sell as well which means they won't make as much, so here's hoping to them doing whatever it is they're going to do in the best way they can. And also I have too much to say. Apologies. AlexanderBlackX 10:14, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

First of all, what the hell is oceania? Second, I have to agree with Alexander. There are no other characters we can fill in. Sure, we could add a wizard or some crap, but it'd be Lilith that shoots fireballs instead of bullets. We could add a cowboy, but that's already covered. We could add more vehicles, more NPC's, more planets, but we're pretty much done with playable characters. Unless in BL2 you get to play as an Eridian for some reason, we aren't going to be able to come up with another character that doesn't somehow overlap. As for character specific quests, you can't have that much of a back-bone without adding to the story, and while the stories are getting a little bit better, I don't see them happening in a DLC. Maybe in BL2. The developers have seen what a thrill ride with millions of guns can do for them, the next one is going to be the same thing but way more interesting. SystemVN 18:46, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Actually, I wouldnt mind seeing new characters. Of course they're going to be the same basic classes as they are now, but that doesnt mean they can shake it up. Make the Mordecai character a... idk, cowboy-ninja? (in case anyone is wondering, ive been playing Red Steel 2 a bit too much) and have him go cloak instead of use bloodwing. Make the Roland character use a recon drone that acts like bloodwing, and make the lilith character's power a arua that acts like rolands turret. And of course the brick character will still punch things, cause brick, and by extension hs active ability, is awesome... IDK, but there should be a cowboy-ninja, dammit!

Also, why do I have the felling that the OP of this thread is taking offense? Lone-Wanderer 19:43, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Like skill branches in skill branches? Classes within classes? Like a branch that goes off to the side, a different action skill (that still allows to be changed), a completely separate set of skills. I like that idea, but there has to be one skill that sums up each one, nicely, that requires one or two of the tier 4 (or 5) skills to get. Like this giant mega-enhancement, so that each one would be equally powerful. Using Mordecai and your suggestion, one branch would be Bloodwing, and the other would be like a ninja sort of thing. Like Sneak, or something. It wouldn't be like Lilith's action skill, because it wouldn't deal damage, it would just be longer. SystemVN 19:58, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Going with the ideas of recent posts, I think it could be pretty cool if you could further customize your classes, more so than just putting points in skills. I'm going to keep referencing Mordecai because he's who I know best. Maybe things like putting points into abilities instead of skills. Like an ability that gives him a cloak that would make him temproraily invisible and more points would add to its effectiveness, like making it last longer or foolingg higher level enemies. Such a skill would make him able to get to a better sniper position or sneak up on enemies. That's going with the ninja ability. Or one thing I really wish they could have done is dual weapons, or at least dual pistols. Maybe they could add an ability like that (going with the cowboy idea). A friend and I were talking about that one night and saying that every character should be able to dual a weapon type. Mordecai would get revolvers, Liliith would get SMGs, Roland would get shotguns, and Brick would get rocket launchers... because he's Brick and he could do that. I can see how that would be really unbalanced though. I think I basically just reiterated what was said above this, but yeah I agree with that. I think being able to further customize your character would greatly add to the variety of players and how each person works together in co-op games. My one greatest fear, and luckily I don't see them doing this, would be if they somehow allowed people to max out every skill on one character (going with what we have now). That would ruin any variety between players. I know a lot of people do want that, but I seriously disagree with it. But as I said, I really don't see that happening. AlexanderBlackX 23:17, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

No, if people used a save editor with multiple action skills, they'd have to make a new controller. All buttons on the controller are already being used, and only one would be used for the action skill. And I think that will go beyond anything the game can take, and the save file would therefore be corrupt. So no, I don't think anyone would be use every skill on the tree, but people will (as they do now) use a save editor to fill up any skill tee that is associated with that action skill.SystemVN 23:21, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

on 360 just hold Y and the d-pad becomes your ability pad. beacuse no-one uses Y on 360 right? Jhat 23:56, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

To clarify what I meant above, I should have said a selectable action skill, not multiple action skills per character. Within the skill tree, you could pick an action skill and that would be assigned to the right bump (action skill button for those who don't play on 360). Hypothetically, you could have multiple action skills. On 360, Y opens the weapons radial, which is rather pointless in my opinion. But you're right Jhat, Y could be reassigned to be an action skill radial, which could have much more than four selections. I think four would be more than enough though. As far as maxxing out every skill, I know people do save edits to give themselves every skill point, but I've heard people who don't save edit say that they want to see more quests that give more skill points and more levels in DLCs that go high enough to max out every skill on the tree. I was not talking about save editting at all previously. AlexanderBlackX 00:48, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

But there wouldn't be an option to do that. You can move the action button around yes, but you can't have two at a time. Gearbox knows that that would put everything below the characters. While we're still using Mordecai, He could sneak around, flank the squad of bandits, then let loose a Bloodwing? Or sneak behind enemy lines, open a chest, then as the sneak wears off and enemies notice him, he just turns around and lets loose Bloodwing, and kills everyone in the room. That'd be basically a revolver-shotgun that releases hundreds of rockets, except with action skills. SystemVN 01:03, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

There was another thread that talked about tier 5 skills, I came up with an idea of adding another T4 skill, and than all three trees come together at T5, where your action skill will than "evolve" based on which tree has the most points in it (either which tree reaches T5, or if two reach it, which does have the most points.) The Action skill will evolve in a manner suiting that specific tree, so for brick, if its his tank tree, his new evolved ability will be like it is now, but he can press both trigger buttons (on 360) to pound the ground and send out a shock wave, which can kill some enemies and daze others. His other two trees, Brawler and "blow shit up :)", will evolve his ability to allow him to pick enemies up and use them as a melee weapon, before tearing them in half, and pick enemies up and throw them with explosive force (respectivly.) And the other three characters would also have the action skills evolved as well. Lone-Wanderer 01:31, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

If Gearbox should umload a bunch more DLC for borderlands and then a sequel all that DLC would have been stupid. Also would there really be even a story if there was a sequel? I mean come on, Borderlands 2 it wouldn't even be a sequel if it included the Vault for the guardian angel pops up and tries to tell you stuff, which really wouldn't be a story. Then if it didn't include the Vault with brand new characters on a different planet then it really wouldn't be a sequel just another game. I don't know what Gearbox is going to do but for future work with borderlands they're gonna have to think very creatively.

Lone-Wanderer, you are further expressing my idea for a generalized skill at the end of a tree, of each tree that will effect an action skill. There would be one tier 5 skill, or, a tier 5 skill that goes to a tier 6 skill, but there would be three tier 5 skills leading up to the tier 6 skill. The tier 6 skill or the one and only tier 5 skill would basically supercharge the action skill of the selected character. Like brick, if he were to pick people up and then toss them about, then that would supercharge his action skill. Or to pick people up and throw them, that would supercharge the action skill. Or, one attack that would blow all the other skills out of the water, that really enhances the action skill. Like, the eridian artifacts. For example, Bricks final(one skill) skill would allow his fists to release explosive, electric, incendiary, and corrosive damage all at the same time. Basically, a Chimera in his hands. Then, he would have a second skill tree, with it's own action ability, it's own tier 5/6 skill, and it's own, separate skill trees. A different copy, with the same formula and shape, just different skills. Brick could run and charge at an enemy, throwing them against a wall, knocking them off a cliff, etc. Then the last one is that he would be able to invoke some eridian artifact and go through things, not even having to get out of cover. Mordecai would be able to throw a bird or sneak around. Lilith could phasewalk, or shoot energy out of her hands, or lift cover up, something to do with magic. Roland would be able to go guerilla, using his tactics from the crimson lance to basically use anything as cover. Something like that. Sorry if I'm not getting your idea or if it feels like I'm stealing your idea.SystemVN 02:12, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

System: I'm trying to understand what your saying, but having trouble. It sounds like you're saying my idea of multiple action skills would be horribly overpowered and impossible with the control scheme, but then you start talking about all these things that Brick could do and that doesn't seem overpowered to you? I'm very confused. I was purely speaking hypothetically with the skills mentioned. If Gearbox came up with four balanced action skills that all worked well in conjunction with each other, it could be really cool. Maybe we wouldn't be able to use them all simultaneously, maybe only one at a time, or maybe two could be simultaneous and two could only be one at a time. Who knows? There are so many possiblities. And I think it's entirely possible for them to rework the control scheme ever so slightly to make this work. The Y button serves no major puropse. I don't know about the rest of you, but I never use it. It could be re-purposed so that when held, it opens a radial for choosing action skills instead of choosing one of your four equipped weapons. All of that would be entirely possible in a sequel.

Speaking of sequels, (unsigned poster, I'm looking at you) as was said before, the Vault story is finished as Gearbox intended with the first game. Gearbox has also stated that in future games, they are going to explore more of Pandora (the planet we are currently on). There have been plenty of games where the makers realease a metric shit-ton of DLC and then make a sequel a couple years later. In a previous post, someone was comparing this DLC to Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has 5 content packs and Fallout New Vegas will be coming out in the near future. Does that mean all those content packs are worthless? And we don't know when the next DLC will come out or how many more DLC packs will be released. For all we know, the next one could be the last. We also don't know when the sequel will be released. It could be next year, it could be in a decade. No one knows except for Gearbox, and what they know could change. I mean, the first game was announced in 2007 and didn't come out until 2009 due to drastic changes being made. Anything is possible at this point. We can only speculate.

Lastly, Lone-Wanderer: I like the idea of evolving action skills. Like you get the base action skill at level 5 like you do now, and then as you complete the skill tree, depending on how you spec things out the action skill changes to your specifications. At least that's my understanding of what you said. That sounds pretty nifty. And yes, I said nifty. System: If that's what you were trying to say and I was misunderstanding, I apologize. I mean no offense. AlexanderBlackX 03:02, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

No, what I was saying was that at the very bottom of the skill tree, there would be one skill that would basically make the action skill more powerful. Like what Lone-Wanderer has said, it would be some sort of separate action. Like Brick, he can pick people up, throw them, or hit people with the person he picked up. Something like that. Then there would be a different action skill to each character. 2 skills for each person, each action skill having different skills that effect it. Then the same thing at the bottom. Like for Mordecai, as someone suggested, he could sneak around. Like Phasewalk, except longer, and without the blast. Then there would be a modifier at the bottom of the tree that makes it much better. SystemVN 03:29, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, I understand now. Sorry I didn't get it before. I'm not sure I can imagine how one would accomplish that controller-wise, so if you have any ideas it'd be cool to hear them. I think you and I are thinking of the same thing but in slightly different ways. You're talking about adding to one action skill (correct?) and I'm talking about multiple action skills. I think both are possible. It'd be pretty cool to see either happen in a sequel. Sorry about the confusion. AlexanderBlackX 05:15, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Along with your idea, yes. Another action skill, and a powerful addition at the end of the skills tree of both. It'd be shaped like:

Action Skill                   Action Skill

5-6 Tiers of more skills

Powerful(Very powerful) Modifiers

I was thinking that with the skill tree when you max out one skill to 5/5 that unlocks a small extra bonus for the character. For example, with brick you max out wide load and by doing that you get an extra small perk like you have a 10% chance to fire 2 rockets. that would make the rpg part of borderlands a little more prominant since you could go through the game without even looking at your skill tree. (the game would definitly be harder though) CelestalBrushExpert 00:47, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

PROMETHEUS! Both General Knoxx and the Announcer mention Prometheus. Time for the team to take an interplanetary hop. MeMadeIt 04:54, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

lemonglitcher* look at the fallout dlcs the fist too dont matter but the third is identical to 3rd dlc in borderlands new weapons and level cap then in the forth because NEARLY everyone was a high level they released a swamp DLC where the enemies were really hard tha

t would be alright

^^^^^ this guy, You did bring up an interesting point, but from what I understand, even with the 3rd DLC, the swamp enemies were still to powerful. But back to BL, You point of DLC4 have more powerfull enemies would make sense. Of course that would also make Knoxx necessary, but honestly, how many people would not have it unless there were circumstances preventing them, which would than prevent them from buying any of the DLCs, kinda rendering the question moot.

Also, if you want to put a signature, type 4 "~" at the end, or press the signature button at the top if its there. Lone-Wanderer 19:45, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

If I remember correctly, it's Promethia, not Prometheus. And a few other planets are mentioned, but I have no recollection of ever hearing of Oceania. And why are people so interested in another planet already. I mean yes, Pandora is a lot of desert wasteland and it gets a little monotonous (sp?), but there's still so much of it that we haven't seen. If they go to another planet with the next game, Pandora's gone. I mean, who's going to want a return to Pandora if we start seeing other planets? This isn't Mass Effect. Planet hopping is not a point in this game. So far we've seen a whole lot of one region of Pandora (the region surrounding the Vault), maybe next we'll go to some other region and it will be a little less... deserty. AlexanderBlackX 09:48, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

Just to mention region in front of the Vault (Eridian Promontory) is snowy and Jakobs Cove is swampy so I think that not entire pandora is desert. And they prbably mean Aquator when they say Oceania. Z.Zoric

The solution is simple: fit Mikey Neumann with an electric collar and lock him in a padded cell, and record his every word. If he suggests zombies, "survival" game modes, or This is Spinal Tap references, zap him to keep him focused on newer, more exciting content. While you are doing this, simultaenously have Jasper Kydd make more music for the game and get the rights to use Iron Maiden so as to say "FUCK YOU ACTIVISION YOU FAIL AT GETTING FUCKING RIGHTS TO IRON FUCKING MAIDEN HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE A FUCKING GAME ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING HEAVY METAL WITHOUT IRON FUCKING MAIDEN GAAAAAAAAAAAAH RUN TO THE HILLS". Actually say this. Record their response and play it in Mikey's cell. Force him to partake in gladitorial combat with assorted animals. Administer healin' booletz when necessary. If Mikey does not emerge with a host of new ideas for absolute brutality, start a fight with him on your favorite episode of Pokemon.

Frankly, I don't see what's wrong with a patch to finish that grenade launcher code thingamajig. DLC3 added a lot of stuff that was already in the game (the Lancer and the Monster), I don't see what's so hard about going a little deeper in the code. 13:35, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

I didn't say Pandora was ENTIRELY desert, just mostly. I think the fact that there is so much desert is supposed to give that feeling of desolation and emptiness, where most of the planet has lost the concept of civilization and has fallen to lawless disaray. And also to clarify, I said regions surrounding the vault because they are all connected, as in you can travel from one to the next to the next and so on. You can go from Fyrestone to the Vault entirely on foot if you so wish. Jakobs Cove (and the locations of the other DLCs) however, is not connected. Fast travel is required to get there, which makes me think that it's in a different region than the rest of the game (and more than just Gearbox being too lazy to deal with all of the programming it would take to add a door in an already existing map leading to each DLC location). But anyway, that's why I would really hate if they went to another planet already. I'd like to see more of Pandora. Wouldn't anyone else? Or am I the only one?

I think if they got that randomization engine up and running, people wouldn't mind the desert as much. If the terrain was still desert, but constructed differently every time, I don't think people would care as much. It would be less about the cosmetics of the map and more about how it plays out each time. AlexanderBlackX 19:00, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

I would be ecstatic with just more Story Line. I am one of those dorks that love Plot. I think of each DLC as an opportunity for a sequel or prequel that expands on the story. I would like each DLC to take more than 3 hours to finish, though; kind of like reading a novel in a series.Grishkathefool 16:14, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

what i would like to see, like with the skill points, is more missions with skill points, no point in raising the level cap(i know not best idea but what the heck), and add another 3 skill trees. how to do this is that when you max out 2 skill trees, you open up one skill tree that takes the best of the 2 skill trees used in its making. like with Mordecai, with his sniper and gunslinger trees filled, some more skills would be to give more magizine size to both weapons(10%-20% per point)(first tier), make his shots from those 2 weapons pierce mulitple enemies(add 1 per point spent)(first tier), increase bullet speed for those 2 weapons(15% per point)(2nd tier), reduce sway/increase accuracy for snipers and revolvers/pistols(20% per skill point)(2nd tier), increase fire rate for both(5% per skill point)(3rd tier), increase melee damage when equipting those weapons(30% per skill point)(3rd tier), increase damage for both(7% per skill point) and for all other weapons(3% per skill point)(4th tier). this would make those weapons more of what you specialize with, and do the same with all the other classes, or if that not possible, raise the number of skill points you can add to each skill, id love to boost some skills more.

the randomization is a good idea like some others have said.

what id love to do would be for steele to spawn in the area where you killed the destroyer. i wanted to kill her personally so bad when we got to that point.

then for maybe some more DLCs, maybe one that adds some more eridian ruins with some more variations for weapons. accessible through the area where you killed the destroyer when gotten.

make all the vehicles avaliable if you get the 3rd DLC in every area that the outrunner is useable.

scale Brick's health more, like double his health in comparison to everyone else's. then make Roland have about another 1/3 health. Mordecai has good health, and so does Lilith.

then there needs to be a workbench like some have been suggesting, like if you have 2 weapons of the same level like sniper rifles with the same maker, then you can switch out parts. this would make it possible to edit them, yet also make it fair to all players, the weapon would then be the same level as what you when you make is so that if you get level 61 weapons or what then you can use them with weaker characters. then you can make powerful weapons but they wont be modded.


Just a thought, but I think it would be cool if they added another skill tree that was simple but more like other rpgs. Like being able to add to character stats. It would be the same for all characters, but maybe the values added per point would be character specific. Things like strength, agility, dexterity, cunning and the like. Adding to strength would increase melee damage and maybe add one or two more backpack slots per point, and maybe after adding five points it adds a knock back effect to melee. And of course, the amount added per skill point would be higher for Brick and maybe lower for the rest. Then something like agility would make the character move faster and/or be able to jump higher and the fifth point could add would add like a rush or something. Like if you keep srpinting for so many seconds you enter a rush and start sprinting almost as fast as Lillith in Phasewalk. And here, the points would be scaled higher for Lillith. Something like dexterity could add to health and/or shields by so much percentage per point and a fifth point could do something like add natural health regeneration by say 1% every second. Nothing that would make it impossible to die. This could be scaled higher for Roland. And cunning or whatever you want to call it could add to overall accuracy/reduce sway with all weapons. Like the character's handling with all weapons becomes better. And/Or it could add more to criticals. A fifth point here could do something like adding an extra multiplier to zooms or something. This is all pure speculation. I just think it would be really cool to see some character stats instead of just more skills. And this way, these stats could be availiable to all characters, but each one would have more effect for its corresponding character. Like for the speed augment. It would max at 1.5 movement speed for everyone except Lilltih for which it would max at like 1.75 times movement speed. Of course, these are all ball-parked numbers. This might be a little much to add in a DLC, but I think something like this coud definitely be possible in a sequel.

Oh and I agree with wanting to kill Steele personally. And it would be really nice if they added ways to get to the DLC locations on foot instead of only throught fast-travel. And it would be even nicer if they added more fast-travel stations throughout the DLCs. It really sucks when you're in the middle of something in a DLC and you have to stop for one reason or another and when you start back up again you have to trek back to where you left off. AlexanderBlackX 07:23, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

I'm thinking add a dlc called Marcus Workshop?? Thats the gun workbench. This is how it would work. I have a lvl 50 sniper from Hyperion. I have two lvl 30 hyperion snipers as well. I breakdown the two level 30s and use the parts from that to add to the lvl 50 sniper. If the sniper gets to powerful it goes to say lvl 51 or 52 so i have to be stronger to use the gun. My.02$. 13:38, April 12, 2010 (UTC) or Rawwar13 on a school computer.

A minor idea, which I think would be quite easy for them to put in: I would like a mass buy/sell feature, e.g. an option to refill all ammo decks at once, or an ability to sell everything not equipped in your inventory. Even better, if they could make it so you could specify which guns you want to keep and 'lock' them so that they are not sold, that way you could easily sell any guns you don't want while keeping all the ones that you do. It would save a lot of time at vendors, especially if you're craw farming and have just picked up 50+ guns to sell. Bukkithead 00:16, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

I agree with most people that a 4th dlc would be complicated, and might require the whole game and all of the other add-ons to be completely revamped, and sold as an entire package. Zombie Island is the worst example. I bought the Armory and Zombie Island at the same time, and of course the first thing I wanted to do was raid the Armory, but that made Zombie Island boring at best, and a waste of time at worst. Either they will have to sell the main game + all the add-ons together, or we will have to play the "gotta catch em' all" DLC purchases.

I hope gearbox won't do this "weapon workbench" everyone is talking about because first off you are making the game unfair. And also guys if you want a weapons workbench download a thing called willowtree it is free you know.

I was thinking about a similar storyline to 'The Vault', like an ACTUAL weapon vault that is guarded by Crawmerax's dad or something(It wouldn't be on Pandora, just on another planet close by) and would have another character telling the story(like Moxxi or some other entity from the past). It could also spark a manufacturer war(like Jakobs and Torgue fighting to see who is more powerful((and NOT made of freakin' WOOD)) or Atlas and Hyperion disputing which material would be exclusive to their weapons) and would require the player to choose which side to back(the company you back could gift you powerful Legendaries that you couldn't find anywhere else)Mazman1521 22:17, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

I was reading above about how craw should be bigger and better, but guys we killed him, sooooo what if the lance rebuild him under their control, Mecha-Lancemerax?

hehehehe he'd have lasers :D . Decamonos 01:59, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

@Decamonos: Can someone say Dr. Octagonapus, only bigger?

PSN: cjnewman

Wow, the kid who wrote the above is stupid... Learn how to speak english first you freaky deeky dutchman! Then you can tell gearbox what they can or cannot do with their own game. I mean, who do they think they are? Creating more dlc for you to enjoy, and even making games at all! You should stop them, since you know, whatever you say is final, since you're the boss of the world and all. Maybe you're just another star trek nerd who's setting his expectations for this waaaaay too high (just like with all the star wars prequels, star trek movie and all the other nerdy shit that actually was good nerds like you trash because they all didn't star you in the movie) and then you'll be sad that the dlc wasn't what you made it out to be in that tiny head of yours despite the fact that it still was a quality well made product. Don't worry euro-turbo-nerd, the secret to avoiding disappointment is by NOT OBSESSING OVER THINGS. QUITE BEING A HATE MONGERING SUPER VIRGIN NERD WHO HATES EVERYTHING HE LOVES!!!

Ok now to everyone else go ahead and read what this retard wrote! He made a whole page for this HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!.....................

Why I think DLC 4 is a Bitch for borderlands game. This is being my report for english class.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Everyone above this who didn't sign their posts: suck it. --Nagamarky 17:45, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

@ Nagamarky- these are ideas not the final thing. these are ideas. like with the legendary weapons ideas page.

one idea ive thrown around with my brother is an area where some more ruins appear, enter and over 200 eradians appear. (theres no good places to find them) with 1 chest always garunteed to either appear with a pearl weapon or an eradian. 25%, 75% respectively. this chest isnt always there, but when it is there are say 4-8 b.a. eradians. this area would have lotta dead lance like old haven's dead bandits.

this would also make the level cap 9 more levels than whatever was your previous cap. not 70. not 69. but whatever you last had +9.

would make steele appear where the destroyer appeared.

increase the 2.5 playthrough level problem( all enemies are closer to your level.).

adds several new pearls, and some more legendaries like a sniper rifle with regen ammo(never seen any) and a launcher with ammo regen too.

increases bank size by 10x if you have the bank.

increases the max amount of ammo that you can carry by 2-3 times. (i need to carry around ammo regen weapons for some of the fights i get into.)

make all vehicles avaliable in all areas that can have vehicles.

add in teleport spots to other addons. (accessible only in that region with the way into the region the same.)


normal areas:

new haven.......



salt flats


so on so forth. limit but no limit. still need to find area to get area.

just some thoughts


I have a friend who is friends with someone who worked on the new DLC and he got it the new DLC around July 6 and some of the confirmed information I have is:

-The level cap has been increased to 70

-They have introduced grenade launchers

-They have introduced new class mods

Ex: Soldier class mod- Badass

I will have more information later my friend has been on vacation and just got back today I will post more when I learn about it.

Sorry if I posted something already mentioned I am just really eager to get back to playing and did not have the patience to read all of this forum.


^^^^Calling bullshit. Besides, there is already a CMOD made by Torgue called Badass, and it's for the beserker.

Idk about any of what they said, but i do at least know dlc is coming. :P I work for Gamestop, and last week our assistant manager had to transfer to another store for 2 days due to that store having a medical absence for the same position, pointless details aside, a gearbox developer was in the store for something, and my friend couldn't help but ask wth is the hold up on the dlc, and asked if it would be amazing or there was even going to be one. The guy smiled and said he couldn't tell anything about what they're working on. I'd have kicked him, but my ASM said he didnt push into it any farther. Either way, better happen quick, idk if i even know how to roll a soldier anymore. Zzz. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2 05:53, July 14, 2010 (UTC)
There won't be a DLC 4. Gamestop already leaked a guide for a Game of the Year edition. -NOhara24
Excuse me for this disagreement, but DOW had something like two bundles (Gold and Silver), so that doesn't mean that they will not put another DCL (Silver pack includes the vanilla game, WA, DC; then they released SoulStorm..)
as for the level cap issue, with DCL3 installed, the highest level that can be achieved in the 2nd playthrought is some thing like 57-58. then, it takes like forever to get to lvl 61 on the main game. by having the basic enemies of DCL4 be something close to crawmerax, it will prompt players to buy Knoxx's Armory and win it, simply for the exp... else the DCL4 would be nigh impossible, unless they cheated....Speed Demon 15:47, July 14, 2010 (UTC)Speed Demon
well, aside from that hilarious leak off the gamestop website, (dislike the web based bastards, steal our shit.) i still believe what the guy said as a hint to dlc4, as the release b4 being pulled off the site was for september, and with 2 months to go, they could still release a 4th dlc and it have been in the guide. As far as i remember, the leak didn't show anything with it just having the 3 out thus far, since one would assume all dlc, they could still release it last minute with the guide. or they could very well do B2, and do some next vault opening crap... better char choices/customization, etc, things that would be harder for dlc, and easier just for a new game. But hey, idc, i'll like it, sell it, and buy it the day it comes out. :P and prolly hold it in our back storage room every shift til its release, if they do a B2. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2 08:23, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
1. Small aircraft (obviously with advantages and disadvantages). Imagine the rad dogfight that could ensue fighting the Rakk Hive. It's the distant future on an alien planet for Destroyer's sake!
2. Less transition points. One of the greatest things about Red Dead Redemption (in my mind) was you could explore the whole map and never have to load unless quick traveling or saving.
3. I like the disassembling to modify and create new weapons idea.
4. Better character development and more involving story.
Other than that I pretty much like BL as is... except the Underdome. Seriously, fighting waves of enemies for 3+ hours PER MAP for no XP and absolute shit for loot? No thanks. If I weren't so close to completing all the achievements on this game I wouldn't bother. That's my take.Phoenixlol 18:54, August 17, 2010 (UTC)
a LOTTA stuff has been said.. but my one true issue that has not been touched upon yet by all the new DLC's with their increased level cap, is that the no matter how many more points you give us to max our character... it ends up turning our characters into vanilla munchkins. eventually, we'll have have ENOUGH points to max out or at least touch upon each of the stats that we want.
While I truly DID enjoy DLC 3 - General Knox's Secret Armory... what it REALLY should have done from that point on there, was to add an entirely NEW skill tree for each character. New gear might expand upon some of the strengths that the existing characters have, but giving actual NEW STRENGTHS for each character type would be something ENTIRELY new, which is what I think I truthfully am looking for. New weapons and gear and all that is cool, but unless its something drastically different that DOESN'T tip the scale of power, its just turning my level 61 characters into an improved version of its existing self. New abilities are what I'm looking for, and unless a new DLC adds upon that, its just the same old stuff with a new short story. Sure I'll most def get the new game, as that I obviously enjoy the game enough, but its simply not what I've been hoping for.Hui Tian 06:23, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

TL;DR ....what? this page is huge. AtlasSoldier 16:16, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

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