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Borderlands Lilith by kraytos

I’ve beaten this game six times on the same character and done all the side quests probably about 3 times each. I have over 18 days played on my main and there is no gun I haven’t seen. To spice up my Borderlands experience I have started modifying weapons, class mods and shields. I do it more for fun and I only really try to make cool stuff rather than uber weapons, like the Stock weapons that have started appearing. I’m happy to mod your weapons for free, just send me a message over Xbox Live. I can do anything from changing a scope to making you a construct to making your new favorite new gun.

If you want to Send me a message over Xbox Live, my gamertag is I SomeOneElse I (those are capital i's not lower case l's)

hey dude, I have some modded weps and stuff but not anything that I haveodded myself. I have plenty of stuf for you to do, like creating my own awesome weapon and modding some of the weps I own. I can't mod because. I don't understand all the codes and stuff, so I'd be really grateful if you could do some mods for me. My GT is snailman 456 (as it appears here) and I play B'Lands quite a lot (understatement). I'll MSG you tonight and we'll so what we can do.

Thanks, --<~Xxx Snailaman456 xxX~> 17:39, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

I have recieved like 10 friend requests over night. If you want me to make you a gun, or modify one you already have then please don't send me a friend request. send me a message asking what you want me to do for you. I will get back to you as soon as I can, but understand that since I am asking for nothing in return that I am not going to cater to your ever request. I'll make you a few guns, or try to explain how you can mod for your self, but do NOT spam me with messages, or send me a dozen chat invites, it's annoying. And please, don't ask me over and over again to do something. If you want me to make you a gun and I say "I'll do it in a couple minutes", please don't ask again in 3 minutes.....

- I SomeOneElse I

NOTE******: since I started modding resently I really only know how to make weapons.........So unless you want a really simple shield/class mod I can't really help you......I am looking into learning how to make them though, and will update this page once I figure it out.

Update: Learning how to hex edit to make weapons change weapon lvls and such :P

When Scorpio guns and Rose Omegas seem to be all the rage, I am glad to see someone approaching modding with a philosophy much like my own. If you need help with shields and class mods, I am happy to offer the knowledge I have for the cause. If you haven't already, I recommend BLModding at as there is an extensive listing of parts, prefixes, titles, materials, and everything else you need to work with items (does not yet include DLC3 though). Skeve613 16:50, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

Can now mod tangible skill points, meaning if you want to max out your skills I can join your game and drop skill points for you. All I need is the number you need. -I SomeOneElse I

i have a similar reason for modding. mine was I was roughly in my 30's on a hunter got tired of dying and losing ammo so i went online to look for button codes to help with that could not find any. so i went with plain B (which is look for cheat codes). same thing happened anywho I somehow found out about willowtree and the rest is history. now I can make anything you can equip or earn well exept for inventory SDU's which the part needed for it to be droppable got patch and the harmfull stuff which I have no desire to learn how to make as there is enough of those floating around anyway i have the PS3 version BTW. when the grim reaper pulls your number there is no way out 22:25, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

"got tired of dying and losing ammo"? That is not a 'similar reason for modding'. Just putting that out there.  nagy   talkScorpio-fulllog     05:44, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

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