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The man who is a soldier

Roland i think in my opinion is the best one out of the 4. [sorry for the siren or Mordecai fans out there] but it's true! If you just get Roland a good rare support gunner class you will almost never die in this game! Even though Roland is a balanced out rifleman, if you put the right stats for him he will be like brick almost but specializing in rifles. There are some other good class jobs out there like commando which is extremely useful against guardians up close like badass guardian or the principal type. Also if you equip Roland with a maxed out artifact like fire bolt, explosive, etc. you will just completely barrage the enemies! It's like having another soldier on the field. If you disagree with me then post in your comments for your characters, this is for the people who just got the game and don't know what to choose. [also i forgot the aid station skill which, if you max out it will completely heal your health bar in a second. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 14:10, November 15, 2009 (UTC)

"[also i forgot the aid station skill which, if you max out it will completely heal your health bar in a second." Does AID STATION and/or STOCKPILE effect just party members or does it work for your character as well?? I've been lookin all over for an answer... --Headcharge36 15:21, January 8, 2010 (UTC)Headcharge36

Yes those skills affect all Player Characters within the radius. I rephrased the articles to reflect this. See Aid Station and Stockpile.  LobStoR name  talk  contribs  19:21, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

IMO, it's not the character as much as it is the weapons and mods. Equiped with a good Sniper rifle and a hard-hitting MG and SMG, and you shouldn't have much trouble. (A Hellfire in any character's hands pwnerizes.) I've replayed PT1 and PT2 Old Haven and Promotory with Roland and Mordecai with the same weapon loadout, shields, and similar mods (Ammo Regen, Health Regen, Damage) and didn't use my Active (Turret/Bird) once. On one run I used a sweet Glorious Havoc MG almost exclusively. IMO, most Roland players rely on their Turret to do most of the fighting. Learn which weapons best match your playing style, how to avoid getting hit (as much), and the weaknesses of the enemies and you'll find yourself relying on any character's special skills less and less. MeMadeIt 09:45, January 9, 2010 (UTC)

Hahaha, riiiiight. Except when he steps in the arena, where he's generally the first escorted out within a few seconds. I've seen a lot of crazy shit happen in arena, but I can't say I've ever seen a ROLAND actually win all three matches. -URBESTESTFRENJESUS

It's a matter of preference, really, but Mordecai can become excellent with all weapon types much faster than anyone else when you get to Playthrough 2.5. Simply equip the weapon type you want to level proficiency in (say, Shotguns), set your Trespass skill to 5, and then go to the Eridian Promontory and murder Guardians with said weapon. Once you have achieved your desired weapon proficiency (such as 50), simply switch to another type of weapon. Rinse and repeat. Brick can get a six second cooldown on his Berserk skill with 5 in Short Fuse and a +4 Class Mod. Add that to a good Catalyst Siren and you have low or no cooldown. From there you can build whatever kind of Brick you want with other skills. It's also worth noting that Brick has the highest health of any class (with 5 points in Hardened), and one could forego the 6 second cooldown to get a +4 for Hardened and have +108% maximum health. Roland, as I know, is very versatile. His turret can be very helpful, as you can hide behind cover, pop up, throw it, and hide again, or you could forget about the turret and just charge with burst fire rifles, machine guns, and shotguns. You could even play strictly multiplayer and spec purely down the Medic tree, healing people whenever it's needed and keeping everyone alive. Lilith can become insanely good at all elemental types. She's certainly the best with the Hellfire if you give her a good Firefly mod (+72% Ignite Damage, anyone?), but you could also spec down the path of using her Phasewalk as a weapon. You could combine the two, go on multiplayer, and use your Phasewalk to daze and get behind the enemies, and then have them attacked on both sides. Investing in skills such as Slayer or High Velocity increase her effectiveness with pretty much any weapon. It all comes down to your playstyle. Sure, any character can use any weapon, but Brick can spec for melee or explosive damage, Lilith for elementals, Roland for shotguns and MGs, Mordecai for pistols and sniper rifles, and so on and so forth. -- Claptrap 12:52, January 9, 2010 (UTC)

roland is beast because he has really good COMs for each of his weapon types and a good overall skill spec that is quite offensive, leaving almost the same "bad" skills across most of his builds

The reason I like Roland is that he is the most versatile. You can have tons of health and be like the (excuse the tf2 simile) Heavy Weapons Guy, be all out turret and be like the engineer, or be full on support medic. He levels up with everything except launchers relatively quickly, and can be amazing with eridian weapons because you can make them fire almost four times as many shots per recharge. He can help the team as a whole better than anyone else, but can be a great lone wolf as well. I have a Hyperion scoped rifle that is so accurate and powerful I don't even need a sniper rifle. With the amazing assault rifles you can find and shotguns, close and ranged combat work fine. If you use grenadier, you could even specialize in grenades! His one major flaw is his melee. Every other class has melee upgrades except him. The thing is, he can be almost as durable as Brick, have range on par with Mordecai, and rip through enemies with a storm of bullets like Lilith. He is the Jack of all trades.-A Fistful of Lightning


I like Roland a lot as well, but you guys overlooked one huge detail: his action skills that DON'T affect his scorpio. I used my skill points for improving my bullet damage, health bar, damage resistance, clip size, and now i'm working on improving my shotguns. If you think that then my scorpio turret is useless, it's not. I have a lvl 2 blast artifact for it, and it does 72 damage with each bullet (Im level 27, so that's about the equivalent of a good combat rifle) with no skill tree mods. Heck, I have a shotgun that's a one shot kill on most bandits and it has 25 rounds per clip, and that wouldn't be possible if I worked on my turret. My point is, that you don't always have your turret, berserker mode, or whatever you use. But, you always have your character, and I have looked at the other characters' skill trees, and they just don't seem quite as useful in that category. But I will admit, I'm looking forward to seeing my turret shoot guided missiles... (I also agree that usually it's the guns, not the characters, that make a difference. Either way, I still like having a ridiculously large clip on all of my guns :)

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