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A bit late to the trading scene, but I figure that since not everyone's hit L61 (yet) I would toss my hat into the trading ring.  Like I did for BL1 eons ago, I'll be offering my wares.  All items marked with 3 stars (***) are noted as my own finds and are 110% unmodded. I'll try to add notes to further discern what's unique/special about them.

All items are L50 unless noted


Thunderball Fists*** - scoped

Maggie*** - scoped

Hornet*** - scoped

Teapot*** - scoped

Pocket Rocket*** - Double Penetrating, scoped

Inifinity*** - Rapid, square tech scope, 8500 dmg, 8.0 fire rate

Infinity*** - L09, Rapid, scoped, 8.0 fire rate

Assault Rifles

Evil Smasher*** - L25 and L50 varieties


Hellfire*** - Guileless, tech scope

Slagga*** - tech scope


Striker*** - tech scope

Conference Call*** - Reactive, 5626 x5, corrosive, full scope

Conference Call*** - Practicable, 5463 x7, ring scope

Sniper Rifles


Class Mods

Legendary Mods*** - For Siren, Commando, Gunzerker, and Mechromancer


Impaler*** - 38367 capacity

The Bee*** - 23264 capacity, 38114 amp, 7.56 delay

Evolution*** - 26465 capacity, 69% elemental resist

Grenade Mods

Bouncing Bonnie*** - Homing, Shock

Leech*** - Lobbed, Fire

Nasty Surprise*** - Explosive and Fire varieties

Fire Bee*** - Lobbed

Rolling Thunder*** - Lobbed

What I'm looking for:

L50 elemental Inifinity pistols (any scope)

L61 gear (but only once I reach L61 [which I haven't yet. LOL])

My GT is Serge311

Serge311 (talk) 06:06, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

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