I am looking for a decent legit Maliwan Tsunami. I have alot of high legendary weapons from craw Im willing to trade

Double Savior (244x2 dmg, 86.2 acc, 3.6 RoF) with 3.9x scope +22ammo regen +47% reload speed +71 %damage

Liquid Orion (913 dmg, 96.2 acc, 2.7 RoF, x4 shock) with 2.7x scope +11 mag size)

Pestilant Defiler (1122 dmg, 96.7 acc, 1.9 RoF, x4 corrosive) with 3.7x scope)

Combustion Hellfire (203 dmg, 93.5 acc, 12.5 RoF, x4 fire) with 3.7x scope)

plus more..... let me know if your interested PSN: maesterjay

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