Jack Skill Tree 3

Free Enterprise is Jack's third skill tree out of three. This tree relies on swapping between weapon slots mid-combat for maximum effectiveness, with an emphasis on increasing fire rate and granting free shots. Also introduces Money Is Power, which improves Jack's damage as he collects money pickups. His other skill trees are The Hero of This Story and Greater Good.


Tier 1

  • High Frequency Trading - Increases weapon swap speed. +15% Weapon Swap Speed per rank.
  • Incentives - Swapping weapons increases fire rate for a short time. Each stack lasts 10 seconds and all stacks are lost if you do not swap weapons within 10 seconds of activation. Each stack increases Fire Rate by 2% per rank, up to a cap of 5 ranks.

Tier 2

  • Compound Interest - Shooting an enemy applies Compound Interest to them, causing them to "accrue interest" at a rate of 14% per second per rank for 5 seconds. Shooting this enemy with a different gun consumes Compound Interest, dealing bonus Explosive Damage based on both your skill rank and the amount of "interest" the enemy has accrued. This skill only activates when using guns that fire bullets or lasers.
  • Marginal Benefits - Throwing a grenade has a chance to reload all equipped weapons. +9% chance per rank, up to a cap of 5 ranks.

Tier 3

  • Money Is Power - Picking up Money grants you a stack of Money Is Power. You deal increased damage with all gun types for every Money is Power stack you currently have. All stacks are lost upon dying or spending money (max of 999 stacks). Each Money Is Power stack increases your Gun Damage by 0.25%.

Tier 4

  • Company Man - Grants increased Accuracy and Critical Hit Damage with all gun types based on the number of Hyperion-manufactured gear you have equipped. +1.5% Accuracy and +2% Critical Damage per rank, up to a cap of 5 ranks.
  • Merger - Melee Override Skill. Pressing Melee causes you to fire Shock lasers from your wrists. This ability has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Taxation of Trade Routes - Increases your Fire Rate with all gun types. The bonus is based on how many bullets are currently in the magazine of all equipped guns. The emptier your gun's magazines, the greater the bonus. Bonus is up to 12% per rank, up to a cap of 5 ranks.

Tier 5

  • Absolute Advantage - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes your shots to have a chance to not consume ammo for a short time. Rocket Launchers have a reduced chance to not consume ammo. All non-Rocket Launcher guns have an 8% per rank chance to not consume ammo, while shots fired from Rocket Launchers have a 4% per rank chance to not consume ammo, up to a cap of 5 ranks.
  • Laser Surplus - Slam Augment. When you Slam, you shoot a cone of lasers in front of you.
  • Supply and Demand - Grants you and your allies constant Health Regeneration. The lower your health, the more powerful the regeneration. You regenerate up to 1% Maximum Health per rank per second, and your allies regenerate up to 0.2% Maximum health per rank per second, up to a cap of 5 ranks.

Tier 6

  • Sponsored By... - Your gun gains a Manufacturer Bonus based on the manufacturer of the last gun you held in your hands.
    • Dahl: +50% Recoil Reduction
    • Hyperion: +30% Accuracy
    • Jakobs: +30% Weapon Damage
    • Maliwan: +25% Weapon Damage as Elemental
    • Scav: +35% Magazine Size
    • Tediore: +35% Reload Speed
    • Torgue: +25% Weapon Damage as Explosive
    • Vladof: +35% Fire Rate

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