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The Freezeasy is a unique laser weapon manufactured by Maliwan. It is a mission-specific weapon available during the mission In Perfect Hibernation. It also has an increased chance to drop from Lazlo in Veins of Helios.

Special Weapon Effects

Freeze them to save them! – Always Cryo. High elemental effect chance at the cost of drastically reduced gun damage. Slight increase to accuracy and magazine size.

Usage & Description

The Freezeasy enjoys very high elemental effect chance as well as a large magazine. Combined with the numerous free-shot and magazine-increasing skills available to the vault hunters, it can become an excellent crowd-control tool when used for a "freeze-and-swap" tactic: the Freezeasy is used to quickly immobilize a vulnerable enemy, which is followed up by swapping to an explosive, bladed, or other high-damage weapon that can quickly dispatch the helpless target.


  • When the Freezeasy is received as a mission weapon, its rarity is common (white), but when obtained as a drop from Lazlo, the rarity is rare (blue). The two versions are actually separate unique weapons in the game code, each with its own material designation.
  • For some reason, the Freezeasy has a 4% lower continuous damage bonus than an equivalent blue-rarity Maliwan laser.

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