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The Fridgia is a unique submachine gun manufactured by Dahl. It is obtained from the mission In Perfect Hibernation located in the Veins of Helios.

Special Effect

Icy moon of Mungo. –  Always cryo with very high elemental effect chance. Always spawns with a double projectile mod. Dramatically reduced recoil, extremely high burst-fire count. Projectiles fire in a large spread in the shape of a horse, making it inaccurate at long ranges.

Usage & Description

The Fridgia is a versatile, easy-to-use weapon with few downsides. Its mandatory double projectile mod gives it a virtually unrivaled rate of fire, making it an ideal choice for a "spray and pray" approach to combat, and its impressively low recoil (-127 recoil) adds to its consistency in mid-range combat. Together, these factors allow it to freeze large groups of enemies in a short span of time, without any loss of momentum.


  • The weapon's name and flavor text are a reference to the comic strip Flash Gordon, which takes place in the planet Mongo in which an ice kingdom called Frigia is located.

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