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Frostburn Canyon

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Frostburn Canyon
Frostburn Canyon MapKD
Frostburn Canyon
Region Frozen Wastes
Fast Travel Frostburn Canyon
Connections Three Horns - Divide
Game Borderlands 2
Lascaux Map

The mighty Lascaux hides within


Common Enemies


Points of Interest

Ashmouth Camp

Ashmouth Camp is an open pit with a few bandit inhabitants. The shape of the area is such that gunfire can cover most of the area from any point, and to add to the danger there are also numerous explosive barrels. The "Endkindling of Cult Following: The Enkindling occurs here.

Blacktoe Cavern

Blacktoe Cavern is a cave system where a small force of bandits and a colony of spiderants struggle for territory.

Blisterpus Camp

Firehawk Lair

Before entering the lair there is an open area with the bodies of dead bandits laying around. There is also an Ammo Dump machine and a Dr. Zed's Meds machine.

Frozen Ant Lake

Frozen Ant Lake is an iced over pool surrounded by rock. This area is heavily occupied by spiderants, and is where Scorch appears.

Incinerator Camp


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