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Fuster Cluck
Incendiary Fuster Cluck
Nobody here but us chickens. Maybe that's why this job sucks.
Manufacturer: Bandits
Type: Grenade Mod
Model: Fuster Cluck
Element: Shock, Incendiary, Corrosive, Slag, Explosive, or None
Game: Borderlands 2
Mission Reward: The Pretty Good Train Robbery
Special Part(s): GD_GrenadeMods.A_Item_Custom.
[Fuster Cluck Variants]

The Fuster Cluck is a unique MIRV Grenade Mod manufactured by Bandit. Fuster Cluck is obtained from the mission The Pretty Good Train Robbery located in Tundra Express.

Special Grenade Effects

Make it rain! – The Fuster Cluck's child grenades spawn mid-air just after throwing the grenade.

Usage & Description

The Fuster Cluck differs from normal MIRV grenade mods in which the child grenade spawn times are determined by the fuse after the original grenade hits the ground or a foe. The unique diffuse spread of the Fuster Cluck's child grenades can reduce its effectiveness long distances. However, the near-instant dispersal of child grenades can prove useful to quickly dispatch nearby groups of enemies. This can be further improved with the Gunzerker's ability to throw two grenades at the cost of one while Gunzerking. Utilizing this method, a player can easily pepper an area with several elemental grenades.


  • "Fuster Cluck" is a play on words of clusterfuck referring to a chaotic situation where everything seems to go wrong.

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