Gaige posted on Twitter under the username @GBXMechromancer. The account was first active on October 4, 2012. It went off after 15th of November, the last response was used as a backbone to close the account. It was later changed intoECHOcasts, an account dedicated for Borderlands characters to advertise new Downloadable Content.

(Oct. 2012 - Nov. 2012 )

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36 10:44 AM - 15 Nov 12 Hey g*uys! Sorr#y for the lack of upd%ates lately. My ECHO com's been on $the friTz. I thin^ some)_'s tr#4ng to h/*ck it TweetDeck
35 10:02 AM - 11 Oct 12 Soooo, the science fair was...interesting. This'll be my last ECHO blog -- I've got some psychos to shoot at! [1] TweetDeck
34 10:02 AM - 10 Oct 12 I've got a new ECHO blog! Give it a listen, if you aren't busy helping Deathtrap gib fools on Pandora. [2] TweetDeck
33 8:31 AM - 9 Oct 12 SURPRISE, EVERYBODY! I'm arriving on Pandora TODAY. TweetDeck
32 2:22 PM - 8 Oct 12 ...Because I can share info on EVERY skill. [3] TweetDeck
31 2:14 PM - 8 Oct 12 Sorry guys, bad news – I can’t share any information about those three skills. TweetDeck
30 12:24 PM - 8 Oct 12 I got more tech ready to talk about, guys n' gals! Which do you wanna hear about: "The Stare," "The Nth Degree," or"Cooking Up Trouble"? TweetDeck
29 8:50 AM - 8 Oct 12 [4] New ECHO log about Deathtrap's creation! And hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is also involved. TweetDeck
28 12:54 PM - 6 Oct 12 Worry not, guys and gals -- I'll be posting the next ep of my ECHO blog on Monday. TweetDeck
27 4:51 PM - 5 Oct 12 [5] I EFFING LOVE DUCKS YOU GUYS TweetDeck
26 11:56 AM - 5 Oct 12 So basically, I can keep DT on the field forever if I can keep wrecking fools! AND my kills make DT and I more powerful the longer he's out! TweetDeck
25 11:55 AM - 5 Oct 12 Upshot Robot is the winna! The tech makes it so any kill I get while DT is out will increase his duration time and buff our melee damage. TweetDeck
24 10:50 AM - 5 Oct 12 Alright, time to show off some new tech! Which do you wanna hear about the most? "Anarchy," "Shock and AGGGGGHHHH," or "Upshot Robot"? TweetDeck
23 9:35 AM - 5 Oct 12 SMASH THE SYSTEM ^_______^ TweetDeck
22 9:35 AM - 5 Oct 12 Experimenting to see which emoticons go best with my blog rants. Ex: ANARCHY FOREVER :) :) :) TweetDeck
21 9:31 AM - 5 Oct 12 @Amadeous4446 There is nothing DT could not explode. NOTHING. TweetDeck Amadeous4446
20 9:31 AM - 5 Oct 12 @an_undead_koala Heck to the no! TweetDeck an_undead_koala
19 9:31 AM - 5 Oct 12 @DarrellVinZant Who? Also, yes. TweetDeck DarrellVinZant
18 8:36 AM - 5 Oct 12 Recorded this ECHO blog a while ago before I started working on DT. So naive then. So not-covered-in-blood-and-oil.[6] TweetDeck
17 7:19 AM - 5 Oct 12 Puttin' the finishing touches on my first ECHO blog. It's gonna be pretty sweet! Or really bad. Or it'll just be okay. One of those three. TweetDeck
16 10:58 PM - 4 Oct 12 @tehCanape Nothing can shut Claptrap up. TweetDeck tehCanape
15 1:56 PM - 4 Oct 12 @ebilmeeki gaaahhh your art style is off several chains TweetDeck ebilmeeki
14 12:38 PM - 4 Oct 12 (long story. cat jumped into my testing zone and DT accidentally gibbed him. Actually on further consideration that was a super-short story) TweetDeck
13 12:36 PM - 4 Oct 12 Mechromancer. Not mech-romancer. Kissing DT would taste like a mix of rust, electricity and the cat guts I forgot to clean off him last week TweetDeck
12 12:23 PM - 4 Oct 12 @dvntsvnt TallyBot4000™ never smiles. He is made of pure, digital hatred. Last time I buy a Hyperion bot off the ECHOnet. TweetDeck dvntsvnt
11 12:06 PM - 4 Oct 12 Nope. I confused "smiling" with "is currently on fire." I do that a lot, my bad TweetDeck
10 12:06 PM - 4 Oct 12 Guys! I think Deathtrap just smiled at me!!! TweetDeck
9 11:42 AM - 4 Oct 12 ...The poor sucker on the end of Deathtrap's claws will be bleeding AND burning AND screaming. SCIENCE, BITCHES. TweetDeck
8 11:41 AM - 4 Oct 12 So, your normal Deathtrap slashes a dude with his digistruct claws. Which is awesome. But after I make it sparkle with, say, a fire gun... TweetDeck
7 11:41 AM - 4 Oct 12 Make It Sparkle was the clear winner! That tech lets me to imbue Deathtrap with any elemental damage type by shooting him with that element. TweetDeck
6 10:37 AM - 4 Oct 12 brb workshop is on fire. f*cking TallyBot4000™ TweetDeck
5 9:51 AM - 4 Oct 12 Seems Make it Sparkle is in the lead. In another hour I'll tally up the votes with TallyBot4000™. It tallies votes. And sometimes explodes. TweetDeck
4 9:51 AM - 4 Oct 12 First: "Electrical Burn." Second: "Sharing is Caring." Third: "Make it Sparkle." Lemme know which one you wanna hear about! TweetDeck
3 9:49 AM - 4 Oct 12 I'm gonna throw out the names of three new pieces of tech I'm working on. You tell me which interests you the most and I'll elaborate. Kay? TweetDeck
2 9:42 AM - 4 Oct 12 I built DT to answer the finer questions in life like "do robots have souls" & "what would happen if you punched a guy so hard he exploded" TweetDeck
1 9:03 AM - 4 Oct 12 Hey everybody! Gaige here. Mechromancer. I mance mechros. Here's a picture of Deathtrap and I looking like BA's. [7] TweetDeck


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