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Gas Guzzlers is an optional mission given by Sir Hammerlock in Badass Crater Bar.



  • Kill gas-guzzling rakk: 0/10
  • Pick up Gas Sacs: 0/10
  • Turn in to Hammerlock
  • Turn in to Scooter


Rakk can be found flying around the highlighted area in Southern Raceway. About twenty rakk will spawn and all drop the oil sacs. A chubby rakk is often among them, and a badass can also spawn. Once a certain number of rakk have been killed and their sacs collected, Scooter will ECHO a request to bring the sacs to him instead.


"You successfully delivered the Gas Sacs and mildly irritated one of your friends from Sanctuary!"

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock: (assault rifle)


Scooter: (shotgun)


  • Mission Item: Gas sac - "Oily. Sacish."
  • If the rakk part collection objective of Monster Mash (Part 2) is active, the gas-guzzling rakk will drop both the gas sacs and rakk parts needed for the respective missions.
  • Chubby Rakk will often spawn mixed in with the gas-guzzling rakk.

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