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Gearbox is a weapon manufacturer featured in both Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Gearbox weapons can only be found in pre-order gunpacks and hidden loot chests. It is not possible to buy these from weapon vendors.

Pre-order Gunpacks


All these weapons have a level requirement of 3.

  • Brick's RF-BIA Repeater and SG10-XX Angry Shotgun
  • Lilith's TK4-BIA Bad Repeater and TD22-OP4 Relentless SMG
  • Mordecai's BLR4-BIA Cruel Swatter and LB30-BIA Vicious Thunder
  • Roland's BLR-BIA Bad Repeater and CR30-BIA Deathly Stomper

Borderlands 2

A Gearbox Gunpack was featured in the Premiere Club available to those with the Game of the Year Edition or a pre-ordered copy of Borderlands 2. The gunpack includes a starter set of non-level restricted weapons with a unique skin and prefix. Players with the gunpack are awarded:

(NOTE: These weapons do not list Gearbox as their manufacturer.)

The Gearbox Gunpack weapons are awarded to players after creating a new character, and will either come pre-equipped or in the inventory. The Gearbox Gunpack does not expire, and will be awarded to each new character as long as the player has a redeemed copy of the Premiere Club add-on.

Other Gearbox weapons

Gearbox Material Effects

Part Name Part Type Damage Mod Accuracy Mod Fire Rate Mod Reload Mod Extra Effect Colour Mod
Material_Gearbox_1 ManufacturerMaterials +10% -20% 0% -8.3% None Light green and white / gold and silver
Material_Gearbox_2 ManufacturerMaterials +15% -20% 0% -8.3% None Pink and gold
Material_Gearbox_3 ManufacturerMaterials +20% -20% 0% -8.3% None Orange and yellow

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