General Alphonso Knoxx is the titular character of the third downloadable content pack, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. He is also used as a marketing tool outside of Borderlands, where the character is played as a personality on Twitter.


General Knoxx is the "First General of the Crimson Lance, Son of Guillermo Delphino Knoxx III."[1] He spent the majority of his early life as a soldier of the Crimson Lance. Descended from a family of equally honorable and grumpy soldiers, Knoxx yearned for a life of meaningful (or at least, really fun) combat and a noble death. His commanding officer Admiral Mikey is apparently age 5 due to the promotion system, which is described as "goddamn nepotism," and this only serves to raise Knoxx's ire even further when childish messages from the Admiral arrive on Pandora. He hates Lance Command and ultimately seeks to leave the Crimson Lance after his mission on Pandora. Upon discovery of the Crimson Lance's promotion system, Knoxx lost what little hope he had left in legitimizing the Atlas Corporation's military branch.


When he is finally encountered in person, General Knoxx is about to kill himself with several automated laser turrets and a rather comically-large bomb. Just before he is able to push the button, he notices the Vault hunters and comments, "Now that's just inappropriate timing. I was hoping to be dead already by the time you got here." He calls off the suicide setup before making a deal with the adventurers, allowing them to pass if he is defeated in combat. He also suggests that they blow up the entire planet altogether, though that seems unlikely to happen.

General Knoxx's hopes for release from the stresses of life however are soon dashed when he makes an unexpected return in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution as General Knoxx-Trap.



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  • "Athena is a treacherous snake. Are you sure her goals are righteous?"
  • "Athena must have told you a good story to take on all of the Crimson Lance. What was it?"
  • "I had hoped I would not need to get my hands dirty, but so be it."
  • "I have all of Steele's reports on your methods. I have the advantage."
  • "Where the Omega failed, I will not!"
  • "Your training is pathetic, this will not take long."
  • "You would've made a great soldier. It's a pity I didn't recruit you before now."
  • "Tell the Admiral I hate him."


  • It does not seem physically possible for Knoxx to press the red & green alert buttons shown in the boss-engagement cutscene, when his hands are operating the arms. The alert buttons are supposedly in his power armor.
  • Knoxx frequently uses the word "mate", rather than "pal" or "buddy", a possible indication of changes in dialect from an American English origin.
  • The General took his assignment on Pandora into his own hands after his juvenile commander sent him a seemingly important package which contained fourteen sponges, a mix tape and some melted chocolate.
  • Through many of his recordings he ventures his dislike of the Crimson Lance by calling his troops "retarded".
  • Though not appearing in person, Knoxx can be heard in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel through several ECHO logs detailing Athena's past.

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