Get The Flock Outta Here is a mission from Shep Sanders to kill rakk near the wind turbines that provide power to Fyrestone.



Kill rakk, then return to Shep Sanders.
  • Rakk killed: 0/10
"There's a flock of rakk that keep flying around the wind turbines at Zephyr Substation. The bandits may have control of the turbines for now, but I plan to take them back, and in the meantime, I don't need rakk flying into the blades and damaging the equipment. So, I'm willing to pay you to eliminate the entire flock of rakk."


The waypoint marker indicates a rakk spawn point close to the turbines but killing any rakk will count towards towards the quota. Once ten rakk have been killed, the mission is complete and can be turned in to Shep.


"Nice shooting! Hopefully, there won't be any further damage to the turbines."

Additional Information


  • You don't have to kill the Rakk located at the marker, any Rakk you kill count towards the sum.
  • There are commonly Bloated Rakk and Feeder Rakk along with the common Rakk.

Nearby Missions


  • The name of the mission may also be a variant of the children's joke "Let's make like geese/ducks/a shepard and -"

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