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Get to Know Jack is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.




This mission is a simple retrieval run to pick up five ECHOs indicated on the map in Arid Nexus - Boneyard and Arid Nexus - Badlands. ECHO #5, situated on a wind turbine, can be reached by pulling the lever in the nearby shack from which a power line runs to the turbine. This will dislodge a flock of rakk, one of which will drop the ECHO when killed.




Mordecai: "Never hurts to know more about the man you're killing. While you're in the Nexus, grab whatever files you can on Jack."

Journal #1

Young Angel: "I don't understand, Daddy."
Handsome Jack: "Say hello to your new home, darling. You're like a little princess, and this is your throne!"
Young Angel: "I want mommy. Where's mommy?"
Handsome Jack: "She's not coming back, Angel. Now get in the freaking chair."
Young Angel: "I don't want to--"
Handsome Jack: "Get - there we go - in the chair."

Journal #2

Handsome Jack: "Okay, any candidates today, Angel?"
Angel: "There are... four treasure hunters who arrived on a shuttle several hours ago. They are currently on a bus to Fyrestone."
Handsome Jack: "Great! Say this to 'em: Don't be alarmed. I need you to stay calm and don't let on that anyone is talking to you. Start making your way off the bus."
Angel: "The bus is still moving, sir."
Handsome Jack: "Shut up. Tell them --"

[Door opens]

Hyperion President: "John? Why have you dispatched one of our satellites to Pandora? What are you doing?"
Handsome Jack: "Uh... sir, uh, the energy readings my, uh... instruments, uh, at home are getting from Pandora, are--"
Hyperion President: "Get out of there at once, you hideous little code monkey! And shut off that satellite!"
Handsome Jack: "Yes, sir - I'm sorry, Mister Tassiter, it won't happen again, sir."

Journal #3

Moorin: "Uhm, sir - we've lost at least a dozen staff to the Angel's "malfunctions." We need to shut her down! Your wife suggested as much before her disappear--"
Handsome Jack: "Jimmy, please make a note: I'm strangling Mister Moorin for bringing up my wife."
Mister Blake: "Choked... Mister Moorin..."
Handsome Jack: "No, no, Jimmy, choking is something you do when you eat too fast. As I'm crushing Mister Moorin's windpipe with my watch chain, what I'm doing is actually referred to as strangling."
Moorin: "Ghkk... please, please--"
Handsome Jack: "Tut-tut-tut-tut-tut... Shhhhh. There we go. Anything else on today's agenda, Jimmy?"
Mister Blake: "It's "Jeffrey," sir. And no."
Handsome Jack: "Thanks, Jimmy! Well, then. Drinks are on Handsome Jack!"

Journal #4

Handsome Jack: "Why isn't this working, Angel?"
Angel: "I don't--"
Handsome Jack: "I've pumped every frickin' ounce of Eridium I've got into you, but the stupid Key isn't working! WHY?!"
Angel: "I'm sorry, I don't know."
Handsome Jack: "You're a SIREN! You're one-of-a-kind, now make it work! I want that freaking Warrior, Angel. I want him awake, ok? I want him under my control, now - I want him now! Not later! Now!"

Journal #5

Handsome Jack: "Ah, tut tut - now now, Mister Tassiter, "blackmail" is such a dirty little word, isn't it? Actually, you know what, come to think of it, it's not a dirty word at all. It's kind of awesome. Blackmail! Say it with me: black--"
Hyperion President: "--Oh, go to hell, John. Just because you got lucky with your Pandora hunch doesn't mean--"
Handsome Jack: "Because I was right, is what you mean. And call me Jack, idiot."
Hyperion President: "You may have been able to scare the other directors into giving up their shares, but I know you. I know that beneath that ridiculous mask, you're still a hideous, pathetic little nobody--"
Handsome Jack: "Mister Tassiter - maybe you can settle up something for me - do you know the difference between choking and strangulation?"

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