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The Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC has been known to cause glitches with some users. The cause has not yet been determined, but on occasion the DLC will delete equipped Shields, Class Mods and Grenade Mods. Instances of this have been linked to the "Naked" rule.

To avoid this possibility players may back up their save files prior to playing the DLC. On the PC, save files are located in the folder SaveData in Documents > My Games > Borderlands. On Xbox and PS3, an additional save may be made to an external device or external folder. If items have been lost, they can be replaced by overwriting the corrupted save file(s) with the backup. When replacing a corrupt file on a console the original file should be deleted first as many consoles do not allow overwriting.

Please keep in mind that backup save files must be kept up-to-date, otherwise when they are used the user will lose all progress made since the last backup. To replace the save file of one character instead of all characters, the character's save file must be identified and only that file switched. Save files are numbered in order of chronology. For example, the first character created is named Save0001.sav. Save files are numbered "SaveXXXX.sav", where XXXX = the four-digit hexadecimal value of the character's save slot. (The first character's save file is 0001, your 15th character's save is 000F, etc.).

Inventory should be checked after every session. If any items are found missing, equip a similar one from inventory. Doing so may cause the missing items to reappear, albeit unequipped, in inventory. This may not work if the game was saved and quit while bugged.

Xbox 360 and PS3

There is in fact a way to skip a few of the rounds.

tl;dr (or, the intelligent explanation of the below glitch report)

Get to a Boss Wave.
Before the Boss Wave starts, be ready to do some FAST killing (the method described below should work well).
Basically, if a player manages to kill the boss before the henchmen spawn, that will "end the round". The henchmen will still spawn, but don't kill them until after the end of round stats.
Once past the round stats screen, kill off the henchmen.
Wave 1 of that round will still spawn, but the countdown timer will begin counting down to the next round again.
Tada! The player skipped a round!
(in case this summary is confusing, here's the original text below)

What will be needed:

  1. Eridian Shotgun(Thunder Storm)
  2. 2 players(one must be a low leveled character, the other a high level)
  3. Timing

The steps

  1. Run through the first 4 waves(The round skips can only be done at the boss wave).
  2. Before the boss wave starts, position the players aiming at the center of the stage (this can be marked by the ramp (the middle of the three sections of the ramp).
  • Immediately upon the boss spawning, shoot and kill him with the thunder storm.
  1. Do not kill the henchmen yet.
  2. If the curtains close while the henchmen are spawning, this has been executed correctly, otherwise the player will need to wait until the next round.
  3. After the curtains close, the player will need to wait a few seconds until a countdown timer starts from 10.
  4. After continuing out of the end of round stats, kill those henchmen.
  5. Wave 1 of the new round will start.
  6. A few seconds later, the countdown from 10 will start.
  • After the countdown the player will get the end of round stats. Continue, and the new round will start.
  • The boss needs to die before his henchmen spawn. i.e. Nine Toes would need to die before his dogs spawn.
  • The player will still need to kill wave 1 of the prior round that you skipped.

Why this needs to be done...

The thunder storm - Because regular weapons will only do 1 damage to the enemy, whereas the thunderstorm does a great deal of elemental damage fast enough to take out the boss.

To wait before killing the henchmen - The programming that was done appears to be that if there are no enemies the boss wave on the field after the first one appears, end that round. By killing the boss fast enough, the player makes this true. The henchmen still spawn, making it so that when the player kills them after the next round starts, this is true again.

This basically saves 4 rounds each time, as the player will still have to fight wave 1 of the previous round. It will still save the additional time, as wave 1 of the next round will spawn while the player is still fighting that previous wave.

Note: Some boss waves this will not work with. Their spawn time is delayed or they have extreme recharge on their shields upon spawning. So basically, within the 20 rounds, 3 to 5 rounds can be skipped, which can save upwards of 1–2 hours depending.

See also

Driving beneath T-Bone

(Will not work with lancers, as seat changing requires exiting the vehicle)

1. Punch or shoot vehicle off edge of city. (Works well near bounty board)

2. If the vehicle lands upright, spawn in GUNNER seat. If the character dies instantly, move to a different location and try again. The player will not be penalized often/at all for death.

3. Change seats and drive. The vehicle can be driven around once the players are safely outside the red area. Returning to the red zone (near any normally accessible area, such as the highway) can result in a death. If a player wants to explore the opposite side, start near Marcus' shop or drive under the highway beyond the Crimson Tollway warp point.

Alternate Method

  1. Spawn your Racer, or Lancer
  2. Drive it to a place where you can get off the edge
  3. Drive off the edge, as soon as you are off the ledge, switch to the gunner seat
  4. When you land, if you land upright swap back to the driver seat and have fun exploring, just remember: Do not go back towards T-Bone Junction or your screen will begin to go red, and you will die

Breaking Skagzilla out

1. This works best with a few people. Have one person (preferably the host, if there are two people) jump off the bridge near the pen- on the right side if you're facing the enclosure. There is a small section of lowered cliff a short distance away you can use to hop onto the ridge on the right side of his pen.

2. Draw him in. If he just stands there screaming, The player may need to use another player inside the pen as bait. Lure him over and let the player on the cliff get his attention by shooting. This works best when the bait is not the host, in case the gate is closed, as any non-host can simply exit and rejoin the game later to escape.

3. If done correctly, he will start to use his ridiculous jump attack. Try to get him to jump at the character straight-on. Eventually, he should "catch" the top of the invisible wall surrounding his pen. When he does, simply jump down toward the rest of the world and shoot him to bring him in. Don't let him get near the runner patrols, which will result in instant giant roadkill.

Driving inside of Fyrestone

Though it is quite difficult to drive with all the small obstacles inside of the gates, it's still fun to do, and good for showing off to others while playing multiplayer. The player can do this in either multiplayer or in single player.

1. Get a runner and line it up sideways with a wall of fyrestone, preferably between the gate and the mountain [on bone heads side].

2. Make sure the runner is still a distance away from the wall, not right up next to it, or touching the wall.

3. Melee attack the side of the runner and it should flip right in over the wall, then run around, into the gate and get in your runner.

Climbing the gunnery towers in the Arid Badlands

1. Go to TK's house in Fyrestone and locate the large gunner tower, built inches from the corner of his house.

2. Go to the cacti at the corner of his house, and move outward a bit, then turn and look at the tower, not too far from the outside of the right edge, is a corner, where a round tube ejects from the ground, and up through. Move back from the tower to get a running start and jump, straight into that corner type area, the player should stick in one place, if so, continue running straight into that corner and jumping, the character should now be climbing up the tower, bit by bit.

3. Once at the top of the tower, DO NOT crouch or the character will get stuck and then have to run off the side of the tower. This will be a good vantage point with a sniper.

Dr. Ned Disappears

1. As soon as the character enters the room where alive Ned is fought, take out a sniper, watch him, and wait. After 30 seconds to 3 minutes, he will walk into the hole that leads to Undead Ned.

Note: After this glitch has been executed, Dr.Ned cannot be killed and the fight must be restarted.

Increased movement speed for Brick

Through utilizing the following glitch, it's possible to have Brick move at his "Berserk mode" speed all the time, even after its ended.

Easy explaination:

1st: Have "berserk mode" ready.

2nd: Activate "berserk mode".

3rd: Instantly after activating "berserk mode" open up the backpack interface.

4th: Close the backpack interface.

5th: Have fun.

Easy explaination 2:

1st: Be in the aforementioned "superwalk mode".

2nd: Get shot down so that the "fight for your life mode" is triggered.

3rd: Instantly kill an enemy when crippled.

4th: Have fun.

Both glitches are undone by exiting the current game or re-activating "berserk mode'.

Weapon becomes 'Left Handed'

In some instances where there are many objects on screen, shooting a high fire rate weapon with a large clip (e.g. a Revolution) while zoomed can cause the recoil to rotate the weapon with the butt coming from the left. It is not seen while scoped.

Although it looks like a weapon is being wielded in a left-handed fashion, bullets will still shoot at where the crosshairs are aimed. Reloading fixes this effect.

The glitch is mainly aesthetic and does not affect gameplay, although it may cause a slight visual change due to the view being somewhat shifted.

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