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The Golden Chest is a unique lootable object located in Sanctuary and is opened by using a Golden Key. When the chest is opened it will spawn purple weapons, class mods and grenades. E-tech weapons as well as blue and purple relics can also spawn in the chest. After all of the items are collected, the chest will close. A player with more Golden Keys available can open the chest again for more loot.


  • If the chest is opened, but the game is exited without being saved before the loot is collected, the key will not be restored.
  • Golden Chest loot will almost always spawn the same level items as the character used to open the chest, however, some playthroughs have a level minimum.
    • True Vault Hunter Mode will have a loot minimum of 30.
    • Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode will have a loot minimum of 50.
    • UVHM Overpower level playthroughs will have a loot minimum of 2 OP levels lower than the current. (OP 8 Golden Chest may give OP 6 items, OP 7 will give OP 5, etc.) Overpower levels 1, 2, and 3 have a loot minimum of OP 1.
    • Below level 15, no relics or class mods will spawn. [citation needed]
  • The chest will never spawn pearlescent or legendary gear, nor  will it spawn E-tech relics.

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