Jack Skill Tree 2

Greater Good is Jack's second skill tree out of three. This skill tree focuses primarily on Digi-Jacks and teammates dying and taking damage while Jack avoids it. Additionally, it grants his Digi-Jacks a stronger close-range game via shotgun lasers and several area-of-effect attacks upon spawning or dying. His other skill trees are The Hero of This Story and Free Enterprise.


Tier 1

  • Integrity - You deal 8% bonus Weapon Damage per rank against enemies who are below 40% health. Additionally, if you haven't damaged an enemy before and they are under 40% health, your Weapon Damage is increased by 300%.
  • Collaborate - Whenever one of your Digi-Jacks dies, you gain a stack of Collaborate, up to a cap of 10 stacks. You and your Digi-Jacks receive a 1% damage bonus per rank for each stack of Collaborate. All stacks are lost when your Action Skill ends.

Tier 2

  • Diversify - Each Digi-Jack will now fire shotgun laser blasts from their wrists instead of their normal laser.
  • Synergy - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy grants you 6% bonus Weapon Damage and Critical Damage per rank for a short time.
  • Teamwork - Whenever an ally enters Fight For Your Life or a Digi-Jack dies, you regenerate 0.5% of your Maximum Health per rank for a few seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

Tier 3

  • Commitment - Whenever an ally enters Fight For Your Life or a Digi-Jack dies, you gain a stack of Commitment. Stacks gained from Digi-Jacks dying last 6 seconds. You will continually gain stacks while an ally is in Fight For Your Life, but stacks gained in this way are quickly lost when the ally exits Fight For Your Life. Each stack of Commitment increases Fire Rate by 2% and Reload Speed by 4%.

Tier 4

  • Accountability - When an ally or Digi-Jack takes damage, you gain a stack of Accountability, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. However, if you take damage, you lose half of your Accountability stacks, and if you enter Fight For Your Life you lose ALL Accountability stacks. Each Accountability stack increases your Fire Rate by 1% and Reload Speed by 2%.
  • Winning - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy instantly restores your Shield by 5% of its maximum capacity per rank, while also increasing your Movement Speed by 4% per rank for a short time.
  • Optimism - Digi-Jacks now explode on death, dealing damage that increases with each rank of Optimism. After a Digi-Jack has died in this way, the next Digi-Jack to spawn will have lower health than normal.

Tier 5

  • Potential - Digi-Jacks create a Shock Nova upon spawning. Additionally, you can now use Expendable Assets while in Fight For Your Life.
  • Believe - Kill Skill. For a short time after killing an enemy, your Weapon Damage is increased by 5% per rank while your Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Accuracy are increased by 4% per rank.
  • Delegation - 5% per rank of damage dealt to you is instead redistributed to your Digi-Jacks.

Tier 6

  • Leadership - Whenever a Digi-Jack dies, it counts as if you had killed an enemy. This can only grant a Second Wind once per activation of Expendable Assets.

Jack Skills
Expendable Assets
The Hero of This Story Greater Good Free Enterprise

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