The Greed is a unique aftermarket pistol manufactured by Jakobs. Greed can be obtained during the missions X Marks The Spot and Treasure of The Sands, both of which are located in Oasis.

Special Weapon Effects

Thief. – Always incendiary. No movement speed loss when aiming down the sights.

Usage & Description

Greed is a unique weapon in two ways: It is one of four unique Jakobs weapons that spawn with elements, and is one of two weapons that, when aiming down the sight, does not incur a movement penalty. With the right class mods, a Commando heavily investing in Expertise can surpass sprint speed by aiming down this weapon's sights. However, in actual combat it is mediocre, and its element gimmick limits its versatility greatly. Still, it will often outperform similar Jakobs revolvers when used against flesh enemies.


  • Greed, Cobra, Twister, and Stinkpot are the only Jakobs weapons that spawn with an elemental capacitor.
  • Greed can never spawn with an attached scope.
  • With enough points in Expertise, Greed can allow a Commando to run faster than sprint speed while aiming down the sights, and much faster than sprint if using either the Legendary Commando or Slayer of Terramorphous class mods.
  • Greed can be farmed by players re-entering The Leviathan's Lair, and either signing in a second player, or having another player join the game or simply commit suicide as soon as they enter the lair. This will cause characters to spawn within The Leviathan, regardless of mission progress, and trigger a save point. Upon dropping down from this ledge, those inside the Leviathan can fight Roscoe and claim the Greed. A save and quit will put the character back inside the Leviathan. Exiting the Leviathan will trigger the fight with it, regardless of mission progress.

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