Green Craw Worms are enemies featured in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They only appear in Crawmerax's Lair and will scale to 2 levels above the host, with a minimum level of 61 and maximum of 71.


Green Craw Worms share the size and appearance with Larva Crab Worms, but are colored green.


  • Unlike the ranged attack of an ordinary Craw Worm, their ranged attack is a Corrosive ball. They will use this attack often.
  • They use a very powerful charging attack.
  • Their regular pincher attack, which is shared amongst most Craw Worms except Maggots, is extremely quick and can be done in rapid succession.
  • On rare occasions, they will rear-up and leap at enemies, similar to Craw Maggots.


  • An incendiary weapon is the most effective weapon against the Green Craw Worm.
  • Shoot their eye to score a critical hit.
  • Be careful, as they are very fast.
  • Anticipating their rush attack with a jump helps avoid the critical hit.
  • Jumping can also avoid AOE damage from their ranged attack.
  • Always finish-off the Green Worm, as the incendiary damage won't usually finish it like the corrosive damage will on an Armored Craw Worm.
  • Since their ranged attack is "smart" and will try to lead their target when it's moving in a single direction, strafing in such a pattern as to "juke" the worm into missing with its projectiles.

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