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Grendel is an optional mission in to kill Grendel in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Kill Grendel


Grendel's Den is located beyond a concealed tunnel at the end of the Aquanexus in Hayter's Folly. There are minimal adversaries between the entrance and den, with only a pair of badass pirates and a cave crystalisk on the way. Dropping into the den is a one-way proposition as the return path is too high for a character to jump.

Grendel is unusually large for a bullymong and behaves a little differently as well. Much like other bullymongs, Grendel will stop to throw pieces of the terrain in a highly damaging missile attack. Another common bullymong attack is the leap attack which Grendel also has a strong version of. An unusual attack however, is Grendel's ram attack, which is preceded by the act of folding its arms in front of itself, before ducking into a charging run. This is again quite a violent attack and also knocks back targets. Once in melee range Grendel may also swipe with one of its powerful forearms.

With Grendel's defeat comes a change to the lair. A nearby wall crumbles to reveal a direct passage back to the entrance of Hayter's Folly, but in so doing it also releases another cave crystalisk into the area.


You've killed the creature - Hayter's Folly is now safe! Apart from all the pirates. And the Crystalisks. And the other creatures you didn't kill."

Turn In: Oasis Bounty Board



  • Grendel is one of the main antagonists in the epic poem Beowulf.

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