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The Guardian is a legendary combat rifle manufactured by Tediore.

Examples are on the talk page.

Special Weapon Effects

Hold your ground... Forever. – Ammo regeneration. Spawns in single shot or 3-round burst-fire versions depending on the magazine.

Usage & Description

Like all legendary weapons from this manufacturer, the sole special effect of the Guardian is ammo regeneration. This particular weapon is unspectacular as a combat rifle. Damage is oftentimes medium to medium-low, with a like range for accuracy. In short, this is a combat rifle that can be fired forever, and will oftentimes be outperformed by more mundane Cobras, or Stompers of the same level.


  • The Guardian regenerates ammo at a higher rate than the Avenger, but the latter has more special weapon effects.


The part that gives the Tediore Guardian its Special Effect is the body4_Tediore_Guardian body. Apart from the ammo regeneration, and a bit of tech it is the roughly the same as a body4. As with all Tediore guns, the Guardian has a faster reload, at the cost of reduced damage and accuracy. For an explanation of the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

body4_Tediore_Guardian body4
Fire Rate: -23%
Damage: +25%
Recoil: +50%
Tech Level: +3
Ammo Regen
Fire Rate: -23%
Damage: +25%
Recoil: +50%

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