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Guardian Cheru are Guardian enemies encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It's the lowest type of staff welding Eridian Guardians, which doesn't have any armor attachments.


First encounter with Guardian Cheru occurs at Vorago Solitude during the mission Beginning of the End, with first such Guardian introduced via title card, at Lost Legion camp. They also spawn in later discovered locations: Outfall Pumping Station, Tycho's Ribs and Eleseer.

Guardian Cheru actively participate at boss battles with RK5 (with all other staff welding and flying Guardians), The Sentinel and The Empyrean Sentinel (along side with Sera Guardians). They also can be summoned by Opha Superior Guardian.

Later encounter with Guardians Cheru happens in The Holodome Onslaught DLC during every round of Digistructed Madness.



  • Guardians Cheru (along with Guardian Wraith and Guardian Spectre) may be encountered before first enter in Lost Legion camp during story mission, at Eridian teleports not far from transition between Vorago Solitude and Triton Flats.
  • If Opha Superior dies, all summoned by it Guardians Cheru also die, not giving an experience points to player.
  • Diring battle with The Sentinel, Guardians Cheru starting spawn from second (fire) phase. There's always two active Guardians Cheru at given moment. In battle with The Empyrean Sentinel their number grows to [?]. They easily can be shot for getting Second Wind, but can bother player with their jump attack, yet still not like Sera Guardians with their rapid-firing.


  • The "Cheru" name references to the Christian Angels' type Cherub.
    • In game files of Borderlands were left model and animations of unused Guardian type by the name "Cherub". With minor design changes it become a Putti, while its name gone to another Guardian type.
  • Guardian's Cheru appearance based on Arch Guardian concept art for Borderlands, with back mortars and wings being removed.


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