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Guardian Hunter is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Equip monster trap mod
  • Capture Fire Wraith
  • Capture Corrosive Wraith
  • Capture Shock Wraith
  • Capture Cryo Wraith
  • Go to pick-up point
  • Kill the Master Poacher
  • Deliver Wraiths to Master Poacher


In order to capture the Wraiths, they first need to be weakened to 25% of their original health. It is best to use a non-elemental weapon on the wraiths. Using an elemental weapon, regardless of type, will cause the wraith to transform into a random type. Non-elemental weapons guarantee the correct type.

A new Wraith will always spawn after one has been killed.

The Monster Trap expends no grenades when thrown, and therefore the traps can be thrown frequently to ensure a high chance of capturing the guardians.

The end of the mission requires a choice, the results of which are described below. Attacking the poacher will cause a few additional Scavs to arrive.


"Good job!"

Turn In: Sterwin

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  • The mission-only grenade mod Monster Trap will be added to the character inventory while this mission is active.
  • Mission Items:
    • Trapped Fire Wraith - "A trapped Fire Wraith. Collect all four!"
    • Trapped Corrosive Wraith - "A trapped Corrosive Wraith. Collect all four!"
    • Trapped Shock Wraith - "A trapped Shock Wraith. Collect all four!"
    • Trapped Cryo Wraith - "A trapped Cryo Wraith. Collect all four!"
  • The Asteroid Belt is the reward for killing the Master Poacher while the Wallop is awarded for delivering the Wraiths.
  • Killing the Master Poacher (thus, protecting the Guardians) also grants the Guardian Guardian achievement.


  • The mission's title, Guardian Hunter, is a reference to the wildlife documentary television series, The Crocodile Hunter.

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