Gun Kata is a Tier 1 skill in Athena's Xiphos skill tree. Gun Kata increases gun damage, and encourages interspersing gun-play with melee attacks.


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Gun Damage +3% +6% +9% +12%+15%
Melee Damage +10% +20% +30% +40%+50%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
Gun Damage +18% +21% +24% +27%+30%+33%
Melee Damage +60% +70% +80% +90%+100%+110%

Can be increased past level 5 by equipping the Blademaster class mod.

Gun Kata gives a small boost to damage with all guns, and a significant boost to melee damage for several seconds after shooting an enemy.


  • Gun Kata works best in close quarters, where the player can alternate quickly and easily between gunplay and melee attacks.
  • Any and all melee damage boosts increase Rend's bleed damage -- shooting any enemy at all will apply Gun Kata to bleeding enemies.


Athena Skills
Kinetic Aspis
Phalanx Xiphos Ceraunic Storm

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