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Gwen's Other Head is a unique machine pistol manufactured by Dahl. Gwen's Other Head can be obtained from a box found in one of several fixed locations in Titan Industrial Facility.

Special Weapon Effects

Gwen is kind of a strange girl. – Fires a 6-round burst when zoomed. Fires 2 projectiles at once at a cost of 2 ammo. One projectile fires in a straight line, and the other fires at an angle to the left.

Usage and description


Gwen's other head

A box. The head. The map

  • The box containing this gun also contains a woman's skull.
  • This weapon can only spawn with the Dahl grip and the Maliwan barrel.
  • It is possible for this gun to have the "Twin" prefix, which strangely makes the gun fire only 3 bullets at the cost of 4 ammo.
  • Unlike its sister weapon, Gwen's Head from Borderlands 2, Gwen's Other Head does not scale progressively with the player and its level is fixed for a playthrough.
  • Due to it's special burst effect, Gwen's head is a viable cheap alternative to legendary Dahl weapons such as the Pichfork or The Torrent.


  • This gun is a reference to the movie Se7en in which one of the main characters is presented a cardboard box containing his wife's severed head. The 'Gwen' in the gun's name is a reference to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who played the aforementioned wife in the film.
  • The gun's name is also a reference to the existence of the Gwen's Head in Borderlands 2 and both weapons share similar special effects.

See also


Gwen's other head locations and spawn points by amazingjayman

Spawn Points

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