The Handsome Jack AI is a copy of Handsome Jack.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The Handsome Jack AI was created by Professor Nakayama.

Tales from the Borderlands

When Rhys attempts to use Professor Nakayama's ID drive to track the money he lost, he collapses onto the floor, and hears a mysterious voice claiming to be disappointed at how Rhys is trying to follow in "[his] footsteps". Later, while infiltrating the abandoned Atlas warehouse, Rhys tries to get the lift operational, but fails as his system suddenly runs into glitches. The mysterious voice once again taunts him. After Bossanova is killed by Zer0, Rhys and the gang (Fiona, Vaughn and Sasha) discover a secret room containing Atlas technology, including information about a "Gortys Project". The voice then begins to get clearer inside Rhys' head, and is then revealed to be the voice of Handsome Jack, who then appears behind him as a hologram. Rhys initially suspects Jack is indeed just a hologram, though he soon shows he is self-aware and active; however, at first Jack does not realize nor believe that he is dead. He tells Rhys to bring him back to Helios so he can be transferred into a new body, allowing them to run Hyperion together (but "mostly [Jack]" will control it). Jack later upgrades Rhys' Echo-Eye implant to give him the ability to hack into machinery and control it at his will. When Rhys and Fiona finally discover the Gortys Project's location, they are attacked by numerous sentry drones, which Rhys can use for his assistance against Vasquez and August. If so, Jack will take control of them by merging his consciousness into Rhys'.