The Handsome Sorcerer is the final boss of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He is an overbearing tyrant who has enslaved much of the populace in Tiny Tina's fantasy game world, twisting former soldiers into skeletal minions, drawing numerous wizards into his fold, and mastering a number of dragons.

The Handsome Sorcerer has three forms, based on the three types of wizards in the game:

  • Handsome Sorcerer - a sorcerer form used throughout the campaign while he torments and heckles the Vault Hunters. This form is a master of shock damage, wears a powerful shield and can conjure a number of duplicates of himself.
  • Necrotic Sorcerer - the second form is a necromancer which uses Necromatic spells and has the power to summon the dead.
  • Demonic Sorcerer - his final form is that of a fire mage with incendiary spells and calls forth support from several dragons.


The Handsome Sorcerer is Tiny Tina's representation of Handsome Jack. As the final boss battle progresses, Tina is forced to come to terms with reality. Unlike the actual Handsome Jack, the Handsome Sorcerer fails to kill Roland and is thwarted and killed by Bloodwing.



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  • The lootsplosion after the battle may drop multiple legendary items.
  • He has a similar loot pool to The Warrior, with an increased chance to drop:
  • He is capable of dropping all magic grenade mods, including the higher rarity variants.
  • The game interprets the Demonic and Necrotic sorcerers as bad-asses, as when seeing 'Necrotic Sorcerer' or 'Demonic Sorcerer', a vault hunter may yell a bad-ass quote.
  • Killing the Handsome Sorcerer contributes to the Magical Massacre challenge.

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