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Hanz 2
"Now that's a Knife."
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Level 30
Location Salt Flats Thor Outpost
Franz 2
"Come here little one."
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Level 30
Location Salt Flats Thor Outpost

Hanz and Franz are encountered late in the game, where they serve as the final two bodyguards of Baron Flynt in the mission The Final Piece. They may also be encountered during the boss wave of the Underdome.



Hanz was years ago a dedicated LARP enthusiast, taking this hobby so seriously as to once decapitate a man pretending to be an elf, for which he was convicted and sentenced to prison. He was later released by Baron Flynt, and has served as Flynt's bodyguard ever since.

Hanz is grossly deformed, having extremely short arms and a very thick neck, most likely due to exposure to objects of Eridian origin. Hanz behaves the same as the Roid Rage Psycho although looks physically similar to a Bruiser.


Franz once ran the best tattoo parlor in New Haven, but was imprisoned after a piercing went horribly wrong and left three dead. Baron Flynt set him free, and he has served as Flynt's bodyguard and enforcer ever since. Franz' character model is based on a Badass Bruiser, but without the usual glowing eyes.


After fighting several waves of bandits, Hanz and Franz emerge to defend Flynt. Hanz fights with a colossal sword and grenades and Franz uses ranged weaponry.

Hanz and Franz can also appear in the boss wave of Mad Moxxis' Underdome Riot.


Main article: The Final Piece


  • On rare occasions, only one will appear, or neither. This could be a spawn bug in the instance, especially seeing as there are a few such bugs here, or perhaps the units have spawned and somehow become stuck or lost from the map when the platform rises.


  • Hanz and Franz are an obvious reference to two characters in a recurring skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live). The characters Hans and Franz coined the catch phrase "We are here to pump you up!".
  • Franz dons the same helmet that Badass Bruisers, Mad Mel, and the Roid Rage Psycho wear.
  • If Hanz dies by means of Corrosive or Incendiary weapons, his head will be left behind. This may occur because his head isn't completely attached to his neck.
  • The sword Hanz uses is an identical version (apart from the size) of the sword that Mordecai uses in his melee attacks.
  • Hanz and Franz are also the nicknames for the two Crawlers used by NASA to transport the Space Shuttle from the hangar to the launchpad.

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