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Healing in Borderlands is accomplished in several ways. Characters can be healed slowly by equipping health regenerating shields or certain class mods. Rapid healing can also be achieved by using certain class specific abilities or transfusion grenade mods. A character will not heal over time without some type of intervention.

Healing Kits and Insta-Health Vials are the two types of consumable item that can also be used to regain health. Healing Kits provide healing over time, while Insta-Health Vials provide an almost instantaneous health regain. Each type comes in multiple levels of potency.


Healing Kit

Minor Healing Kit

Minor Healing Kit item card

Healing kits are available for purchase from Medical Vending Machines and are occasionally found in lockers. Healing kits can be carried in your storage deck (aka backpack) and provide the character with a means to heal during and after combat. Healing kits provide X amount of healing over 10 seconds, where X is dependent upon the level of the healing kit.

Healing Kit Amount regained over 10 sec Price Appearance
Minor Healing Kit 60 $140 Bottle of "Doctor Zed's Horse Pills"
Light Healing Kit 100 $280 Small brown bottle of "Dr. Zed's Bullet Salve"
Healing Kit 180 $420 Small box of "Dr. Zed's Body Spackle"
Greater Healing Kit 300 $560 Large brown bottle of "Dr. Zed's Bullet Salve"
Super Healing Kit 500 $700 Large box of "Dr. Zed's Body Spackle"


Insta-Health Vials are available for purchase from Medical Vending Machines. They can also be dropped by a slain enemy or found in trash/skag piles. Insta-Health Vials cannot be carried in your storage deck. They can only be used immediately, whether when purchased or when looted. If the character is at full health then the vial can not be picked up.

Insta-Health Amount regained quickly Price Appearance
Minor Insta-Health Vial 20 $105 Vial with red fluid
Light Insta-Health Vial 40 $210 Vial with orange fluid
Insta-Health Vial 80 $315 Vial with yellow fluid
Greater Insta-Health Vial 120 $420 Vial with green fluid
Super Insta-Health Vial 200 $525 Vial with pink fluid


  • T.K. Baha drinks from a Light Healing Kit he holds in his right hand.
  • Insta-Health vials may have been intended to be an all-around health item, rather than having two separate types of health recovery. In the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC, one of the Medical Vendor quotes tells the player to buy an Insta-Health rather than a Healing Kit for "when the shield inevitably goes down", implying that at one point they could be carried for such an emergency.

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Death your fate? Rejuvenate! – Rejuvenators are found in lockers and ammo crates and can be dropped by enemies. Rejuvenators are used when picked up and quickly regenerate health for 20 seconds. Rejuvenators are made by Anshin.

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