Helena Pierce is the administrator of the town of New Haven. Her office is just in from the south-east corner, next to the open staging ground by Scooter's Catch-A-Ride and the local New-U Station.


Helena Pierce has been on Pandora for a while and is committed to protecting the people of New Haven. She is not happy with Dahl's actions of abandoning Pandora and releasing all of the convict labor. She is opposed to the Crimson Lance's goal to convert the town into one of their own, and does not get along with Commandant Steele.

Her approach to life can best be described as "If you broke it, you fix it" evidenced by the numerous missions that have players cleaning up their own messes.

Helena has been seriously injured some time in her past, which was revealed, in Borderlands 2, to be the fault of her, now dead, husband giving her a ring containing a skag pearl - the pearl released pheromones that induced hunger in skags. Her mechanical arm was stolen temporarily by Patricia Tannis, in order to convince her to allow the Vault Hunters access over the Rust Commons East drawbridges.


Helena Pierce is one of the main mission providers in the town of New Haven. She is not friendly when first met, and tasks the player with restoring the power supply to the town in Power to the People. Her demeanour improves after this is done, and she then offers more work towards protecting the citizens of New Haven. She directs the Vault hunters to Tannis, once Power to the People is completed.

Borderlands 2

Pierce's ECHO logs indicate that she had commandeered a train and was leading a group of people to Sanctuary. The train was intercepted by Handsome Jack and Wilhelm, whom had been notified of the 'stolen' train. The former then interrogated her briefly, seeming particularly interested in why she '[looked] like she headbutted a belt sander' before killing her and commanding Wilhelm to kill the rest of the passengers on the train.


Name Location Level Reward
Power To The People New Haven 20 2376XP, $2411
Seek Out Tannis Rust Commons West 21 2760XP, $2700
Jack's Other Eye Rust Commons West 23 6000XP, $10164, Combat Rifle
Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate Rust Commons East 24 4680XP, $3794, class mod
Relight The Beacons Rust Commons East 27 10440XP, $15993, Sniper Rifle
Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven Old Haven 28 6120XP, $11941
Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down Old Haven 28 6480XP, $29854, class mod
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess Rust Commons East 29 13391XP, $20062



ECHO Messages

  • "I'm transmitting to inform you that I've made a decision I think you won't like. As administrator of New Haven, I am responsible for the well being of its citizens, and in that capacity, I must keep the road to Sanctuary closed for now. Baron Flynt's tribe and that infernal contraption of theirs are out on the Salt Flats, and I don't want citizens getting hurt trying to get past them." - Upon arriving in New Haven.
  • "What the hell is going on? Has Steele gone insane?! They're shutting down the ECHO system, and now we're getting reports of weapon fire all around Sanctuary! It's a war zone! Sanctuary is getting pounded out there. They are sending distress signals to anyone who'll listen! But if they shut down ECHO, I'll be unable to-" - Upon escaping Thor during Get Some Answers.

When Approached

  • "Yes? Did you need something?"
  • "Hello again."
  • "I hope you've been avoiding the negative element around here."
  • "Hmm... What can I do for you?"
  • "Well, well... Looks like you fit right in."

When Talked To

  • "The Vault is a story to give hope to the hopeless- nothing more." - before completing Seek Out Tannis.
  • "There are more important things to do here than chase after some fairy tale. The Vault is not real." - before completing Seek Out Tannis.
  • "The Vault is no more real than any fable you heard in grade school. It's nothing more than a tall tale - a wild exaggeration." - before completing Seek Out Tannis.
  • "I guess Pandora is the perfect place to hide the Vault. Remote, harsh, and no one would have believed it - not even me." - after Seek Out Tannis.
  • "I hope whatever is in the Vault can be traded for supplies." - after Seek Out Tannis.
  • "This Vault discovery could be the very thing we need to revitalize this settlement." - after Seek Out Tannis.
  • "Happenings outside of New Haven are not my concern. I don't know who sent Tannis or why she is here but it strikes me as strange" - after Seek Out Tannis but before completing Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.
  • "Dr. Tannis has always been very interested in isolating herself - she makes it very difficult for me to trust her" - after Seek Out Tannis but before completing Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
  • "I can't trust that Tannis woman; don't get more involved with her than you have to. We have enough troubles." - after Seek Out Tannis but before completing Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.
  • "The Crimson Lance... Another lot of outsiders. This doesn't bode well." - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.
  • "We cannot trust these Lance Soldiers until we know their intentions." - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.
  • "No-one brings this many soldiers unless they think they'll need them." - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.


  • "What could the Crimson Lance want here?" - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down.

When The Player Leaves

  • "Watch your back out there."
  • "That's all for the time being."
  • "See you soon."


  • At one point in Borderlands' development, Helena Pierce had several ECHO logs describing the history of Pandora's settlement. These were ultimately cut from the final product.
  • Helena speaks with a middle class southern English accent.
  • Helena Pierce is featured in the original trailer for the game.[1]