(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Moxxi: Jack destroyed my Underdome after I dumped him, and now he wants to build his own arena just to rub it in my face. We're not gonna let that happen, sugar. Get out to Opportunity and kill the construction foreman who's running the project.

(Mission objectives update: Kill foreman)

(Vault Hunter travels to Opportunity, goes over to The Pits where he finds Foreman Jasper.)

Moxxi: There's the foreman – drop him for me, will ya?

(Vault Hunter engages and kills the foreman.)

Moxxi: Oh, he dropped a key. Do a lady a favor and grab it.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up foreman's supply key)

Moxxi: Every key fits in a lock, sugar – check the containers, see if that key opens one of 'em.

(Mission objectives update: Unlock foreman's shed)

(Vault Hunter finds and unlocks foreman's shed.)

Moxxi: Sounds like that key was just the right size. See if there's anything useful in there.

(Vault Hunter enters the shed.)

Moxxi: If I know my explosives – and I'd like to think I do – you could use those charges to flood the construction site. If you'd blow up the nearby retaining wall and flood those pits, I'd be awful grateful.

Handsome Jack: Ol' balloon-tits is still holdin' a grudge against me, huh? I mean, don't get me wrong, I get it – once you've eaten prime rib for free, it's hard to go back to suckin' down hamburgers for cash. If you know what I'm talking about. Do you know what I'm talking about?

(Mission objectives update: Place explosives)

(Vault Hunter gets under attack by a Constructor and some Loaders.)

Handsome Jack: Dicks! I'm talkin' about dicks.

(Vault Hunter finds the retaining wall and places the explosives.)

Moxxi: Get away from the explosives, sugar – they're gonna make a big boom.

(Mission objectives update: Destroy floodwall)

(As the Vault Hunter walks away, explosives go off destroying the floodwall.)

Handsome Jack: My construction site! Ah, for... Moxxi, you BITCH!

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Moxxi: Ha! Haven't heard Jack that angry since I kicked his plastic surgeried ass to the curb. Come on back, sugar.

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary and turns in the Mission to Moxxi.)

Moxxi: Nothin' like a little vengeance to round out the day.

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