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Hero's Pass is a location found at the end of the main storyline in Borderlands 2. It is heavily defended by Hyperion personnel and loaders and is the final step in the path to the Vault where the Vault Hunters fight the final boss, The Warrior.


This is a location that is just northeast of the Eridium Blight and leads to the location of the final battle against Jack and the Warrior in the main storyline.


Points of Interest

Emergency Supply Cache

Near the start of the map is an electrical fence blocking access to some Hyperion weapon and ammunition lockers. The switch to disable the fence is located at the end of a narrow ledge, and can be found by following the cliff edge on a long curve around to the right.

Drift Mouth Access

Guardian Slag Heap



Cult of the Vault


  • A chest is located adjacent to the entrance to the Vault of the Warrior which can contain rare loot.
  • A mission was cut from the game but all the interactive prompts were not removed before release, leaving a non-working '[E] PRY' in the game at one of the bridges with a gap in it.

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