Hit & Run is a Tier Two talent in Lilith's Assassin skill tree. It raises melee damage by +7% per rank, and increases Phasewalk's duration by +0.8 seconds per rank.

Skill Progression

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Melee Damage +7% +14% +21% +28% +35%
Phasewalk Increase 0.8 sec 1.6 sec 2.4 sec 3.2 sec 4.0 sec
Total Phasewalk Duration 6.8 sec 7.6 sec 8.4 sec 9.2 sec 10.0 sec


  • With no points invested in this skill, Phasewalk lasts for 6 seconds.
  • The damage bonus is cumulative with any melee damage bonus from Venom. Five levels of Venom and five levels of Hit & Run will yield a total 60% damage bonus. It also applies to a Phase Strike, though its contribution there will be relatively minor.
  • A longer Phasewalk duration synergizes with Inner Glow and Radiance, and may allow enough time to allow a depleted shield to start recharging.

Lilith Skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

Striking • Intuition • Phoenix • Quicksilver • Radiance • Resilience • Spark • Venom

Blackout • Enforcer • High Velocity • Hit & Run • Phase Strike • Silent Resolve • Slayer

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