(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Lilith: Jack's broadcasting a 24-hour stream of propaganda to every family in the six galaxies, telling them to immigrate to that big-ass city he's building. You're gonna show them what a bad idea that really is. Go borrow Moxxi's camcorder.

(Mission objectives update: Talk to Moxxi)

(Vault Hunter heads over to Moxxi's.)

Moxxi: You want my camera, huh? You can borrow it on one condition -- anything you shoot better involve naked flesh, or explosions. Bonus points for both.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up Moxxi's camera)

(Vault Hunter picks up the camera.)

Lilith: Great! Take that camera to Opportunity. And, uh, make sure you don't look at Moxxi's footage.

(Mission objectives update: Reach Opportunity)

(Vault Hunter reaches Opportunity.)

Lilith: Camera's on? Good. I need you to snag an orbital drop beacon and some surveyor lures. I'll explain why once you've got 'em. Oh, and while you're at it, take out some engineers -- we need to show the universe this town is as good for your health as a bullet to the face.

(Mission objectives update: Pick up surveyor lures 0/3, Kill engineers 0/5, Obtain Hyperion supply beacon)

(Vault Hunter goes to the marked location, eliminates the opposition, and picks up surveyor lures.)

Lilith: With those lures, you can trick those surveyor bots to fly wherever you want. If you slap the lures on some Jack propaganda, the surveyors should crash into 'em. Could be fun.

(Vault Hunter heads over to a nearby square, eliminates the opposition, and attaches surveyor lures to likenesses of Jack. This makes surveyors to crash-fly into and destroy them.))

(Vault Hunter heads over to Orbital Delivery Zone, eliminates the opposition, and obtains Hyperion supply beacon.)

Lilith: Take that orbital supply beacon to the big crane past the waterfront quarter. Once you call in a drop, the moonshot will destroy the crane -- should look great on film.

(Mission objectives update: Place orbital beacon)

(Vault Hunter heads over to the Waterfront District and places Hyperion supply beacon at the location indicated on his map.)

(Mission objectives update: Await crane destruction)

(Soon after, a container hits the crane bringing it down.)

Lilith: That oughtta do it. Get to the Co-opportunity Outreach Center and broadcast that footage you shot.

(Mission objectives update: Reach Co-Opportunity Center)

(VAult Hunter goes to the Center, and eliminates Hyperion Snipers being in ambush in there.)

(Mission objectives update: Plug in camera)

(Vault Hunter plugs in caamera into the console.)

Lilith: Now, to broadcast the fruits of your hard work.

(Mission objectives update: Upload footage)

(Vault Hunter uploads the footage.)

Lilith: Your work's done. Doubt anyone'll be in a hurry to move here, now. Come on back.

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter returns to Lilith and turns in the mission.)

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