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Home Sweet Home is the eighth story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Check Moxxi's toy box
  • Return to Jack
  • Follow Jack
  • Travel to Helios
  • Assault Eye of Helios
  • Enter Jack's Office
  • Use Scanner
  • Go to robot repair shop
  • Follow the CL4P-TP unit
  • Wait for doors to open
  • Defend CL4P-TP unit
  • Follow CL4P-TP unit
  • Wait for doors to open
  • Attempt to access Jack's Office
  • Give scanner another try
  • Wait for integration
  • Enter Jack's Office
  • Turn on fast travel
  • Go to Research and Development
  • Kill torks
  • Find Gladstone



Get into Jack's Office and shut down the laser's defenses.

"Now is a good time to reset, resupply, and then jump back into the fight. Maybe put on a tork mask and sneak up on Gladstone while he's sleeping, just for giggles."

Turn In: Gladstone

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