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Honorary Foreman is a challenge in Veins of Helios worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, activation buttons must be pushed on five different worker bots throughout the level. This challenge can only be attempted after completing the side mission Quarantine: Back On Schedule, which is available in Jack's Office after the story mission Watch Your Step.

List of Worker Bots

  1. Upon leaving the airlock, and turning right, the button is directly ahead.
  2. Leave the airlock and go to the third platform where you find a blue jump pad (before you jump down the long shaft). Take the jump pad - on the platform you land the worker bot.
  3. Leave the airlock and go to the platform where you drop through the long shaft. Outside the bottom of the shaft, before you reach the O2 generator.
  4. Take the blue jump to the Supply Platform with the big turret. Take the jump pad from the turret to the next platform - it is on this platform.
  5. To the left of the Central Maintenance entrance (when facing the entrance). You can reach this by jumping down from the either of the platforms in the air where you can read the words Central Maintenance.

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