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Manufacturer: Dahl
Type: Pistol
Model: Hornet
Element: Corrosive
Game Borderlands
Special Part(s):
[Hornet (Borderlands 2) Variants]

The Hornet is a legendary pistol manufactured by Dahl. Hornet is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Knuckle Dragger located in Windshear Waste.

Special Weapon Effects

Fear the Swarm! –  Always corrosive. Fires a 6-round burst fire with high Elemental Effect, each shot produces a small explosion.


  • The Hornet can spawn with the "twin" prefix making it shoot two bullets at once at the cost of two bullets per shot, giving it a 10-shot burst rather than having to make two 5-shot bursts.
  • Because of its guaranteed corrosive effect, the Hornet is very useful for playing through the main game, as it makes short work of loaders, Constructors and armored Psychos. However in Normal mode, player can only acquire level 0-1 Hornet by farming, and it becomes inferior to even non-elemental weapons as players first encountered armored enemies around level 11. (With the exception of Boom and Bewm)
  • Because Knuckle Dragger is first fought at level 1, it is possible to acquire a level 0-1 Hornet, in early gameplay, making it possibly the first farmable legendary in the game.


  • The Hornet has a very similar skin to the Maliwan Hive. Both weapons are always corrosive, may shoot multiple projectiles per pull of the trigger, and their names refer to the Vespidae family of insects.
  • The Hornet makes its return from Borderlands.
  • The Hornet was dropped by Boom Bewm during Day 2 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt. The Hornet was also upgraded to shoot 6 shots when zoomed in and makes a larger explosion on impact. It also gets increased stability and a larger magazine size on Day 1 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt.
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