Hugo P. Vasquez is a secondary antagonist in Tales from the Borderlands. He becomes one of Hyperion corporate leaders after the death of Henderson. He is also Rhys' arch nemesis at Hyperion.


Vasquez becomes Senior Vice President of Securities Propaganda of Hyperion after murdering Henderson by pushing him out of an airlock. Not much is really known about Vasquez's background. It is assumed that up until killing Henderson, Vasquez worked at the same position as Rhys. Rhys and Vasquez appear to have hated one another as coworkers, and each considers the other a "nemesis". After (forcefully) taking Henderson's position, Vasquez embezzles $10,000,000 in corporate funds to buy a Vault key, which sets the game's events in motion.


Vasquez takes Rhys' promotion upon killing Henderson, becoming Rhys' boss. Upon entering the office Rhys notices that Henderson is not there, but Vasquez instead. If Rhys questions him about where Henderson is, Vasquez will lie and say that Henderson quit. During the meeting, August calls Vasquez, asking him if he's going to buy the Vault Key, unaware that Vasquez has him on speaker. When Rhys tries to turn the screen to Vasquez's computer, Vasquez notices him trying to do so, causing Rhys withdraw his hand. Rhys scans the screen, finding out his plans to buy a vault key. After the call, Vasquez returns to Rhys, trying to return to the subject. If Rhys questions him about the Vault Key, Vasquez will scold him, telling him that he doesn't even know what he's really talking about, "Like a baby trying to sound out the words". He then gets back to the subject of the promotion, and instead of promoting Rhys, he decides to demote him to "Assistant Vice Janitor", much to Rhys' anger. Upon this, Rhys and Vaughn steal the deal between Vasquez and August, causing Vasquez to blacklist them out of anger. When Rhys is in the center of the Chariot race, Vasquez calls Rhys, giving him the option to sell out Vaughn to blame it on him, then split the $10,000,000 between the two of them evenly. The player then has the choice to either refuse or accept this deal, affecting Vasquez's actions to the player.



  • Vasquez is the third telltale's character who can determinately lose an arm.
  • He's a 35 year old who origined from Demophon.
  • His catchphrases are "Rock and Roll," "Lock and Load," and "Ain't No Thang," with the latter being ironically.
  • He bought himself a Hyperion Bolt 4600 S in red after Rhys stole his black model.