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Hungry Like the Skag is an optional mission available in Arid Nexus - Badlands.

“A bandit named Carlo was mauled by skags who killed them, then devoured the pieces of his gun. On Pandora, this sort of thing happens more frequently than you might think. You will need to kill some more skags in order to find the missing parts of Carlo’s gun.”



  • Find gun stock
  • Find gun barrel
  • Find gun sight
  • Find gun chamber
  • Collect gun parts: 0/4


When killing skags, one of them will drop an ECHO Recorder. Picking up the recorder activates the mission. The objectives then are killing skags in the area until all four parts of Carlo's gun are located. Areas marking high concentrations of skags are marked on the minimap.


"Given the frequency with which skags tend to drop the damned things, one has to imagine firearms taste like filet mignon to them."

Turn In: Fyrestone Bounty Board


  • Mission items:
    • ECHO Recorder - "An audio diary covered in slobber and stink."
    • Gun Stock - "A gun stock covered in gunk."
    • Gun Barrel - "A gun barrel covered in blood."
    • Gun Sight - "A gun sight covered in goo."
    • Gun Chamber - "A gun chamber covered in slobber."


  • The mission title "Hungry like the Skag" refers to a Duran Duran song, Hungry Like the Wolf.
  • Hungry Like the Skag appears to be a callback (almost a parody) of the common scavenger hunt missions in Borderlands, which all involve finding the scattered parts of weapons, which are then reassembled into a mission reward.

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