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(To do: Continue with quotes.)

(picking up ECHO recorder)

Roland (recording): Hey, soldier. If you're hearing this, I'm in trouble. Right now, you're the only thing standing between this city - hell, the whole planet - and Handsome Jack's army. I left info about my whereabouts in my safe. You can use it to store anything you need - this is your home, now. Good luck.

(picking up ECHO recorder in safe)

???: This is the Firehawk. Come to Frostburn Canyon or people will die.

Scooter: The Firehawk? You mean that mass-murderin' bounty hunter?! Oh crap - if the Firehawk's got him, Roland is in DEEP. You gotta get to Frostburn Canyon and rescue his ass!

Angel: If Roland has been captured by the Firehawk, he's in danger. You're the only one who can stop Jack, but Roland is the man with the plan, so to speak - he knows the best way to strike at Hyperion.

(missing lines)

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