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The Hybridfication is an E-tech sniper rifle manufactured by Hyperion. The Hybridfication is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Hybridfication consumes 2 ammo per shot and, like all Hyperion weapons, features reduced recoil the longer it is fired. The Hybridfication's shots will ricochet once off of a surface and pierce enemies.

Hybridfications, being E-tech weapons, suffer from a reduced critical hit damage modifier. Because of this they do roughly half the damage on a critical hit when compared to a same-level, same-brand purple-rarity sniper rifle, and using double the ammunition to do so.

Notable Variants

  • Longbow - Legendary e-tech incendiary scopeless sniper rifle that fires slow moving projectiles shaped like Minecraft styled arrows.

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